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    Feng Wei

    Character » appears in 12 games

    Chinese Kenpo fighter from the Tekken Series, introduced to the series in Tekken 5.

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    Feng Wei is a character first introduced in Tekken 5 and returns for Tekken 6. He is also slated to appear in the upcoming installment Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  He is a Chinese Kenpo master. As a disciple of the "God Fist" style, by 20, Feng was the top student in his dojo. He killed his master because he scolded him for fighting outside the school. Feng enters The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 to retrieve the "Secrets of God Fist" scrolls, which were stolen by the Mishimas 

    Tekken 5

    Tekken 5 artwork for Feng Wei
    Tekken 5 artwork for Feng Wei
    Feng Wei was raised as a disciple of a legendary Kenpo master (he was so skilled he was known as "Shinken", or "God Fist"). By the time he was 20, Feng was the best student the school had ever seen, but when Feng's master confronted Feng about fighting outside the dojo, Feng killed him. Feng, seeking the "God Fist" scrolls, which were stolen by the Mishima family, entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 in order to find them.

    During his pursuits of the scrolls previous to The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, fellow Tekken 5 newcomer Asuka Kazama's father's dojo was destroyed (and he was badly injured in the process) by Feng, who was searching for the scrolls. Asuka entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 seeking revenge on Feng. Lei Wulong also entered the tournament looking for Feng, with intentions of arresting him for destroying Asuka's father's dojo and various similar crimes.

    In his ending, he defeats Jinpachi Mishima. As Jinpachi dissolves into dust, he notices a glowing scroll on the ground. He looks at it and notices that it is titled "Secret Principles of the Dragon Fist". Feng opens it. The scroll continues to glow. A dragon comes out of it, and a closeup of one of its eyes is shown as the scene changes. A lot of rock formations are shown next to a body of water. Feng strikes one of the rock formations with one of his palms, and the rock formation breaks. Feng is then seen standing with his palm extended. As the camera zooms in, Feng opens his eyes, revealing dragon-like pupils.    

    Tekken 6

    Feng Wei was successful in finding the stolen scrolls during The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. However, upon opening up
    Tekken 6 wallpaper for Feng Wei
    Tekken 6 wallpaper for Feng Wei
    the scroll, it merely stated "Destroyer of all styles, the one true ultimate style, it transcends the power of The Dragon God, which exceeds all human ability". Confused by the contents of the scroll, Feng hears news of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, and decides to enter, in search of answers.
    In Feng's ending, it is shown that he is approachin a gigantic volcano. As a boulder is about to hit him he responds with a punch, destroying the boulder.


    • Feng's name is written in Chinese as 馮 威(Feng Wei). 威 means "impressive strength", while 馮 has no specific meaning, and was created solely as a surname.
    • Feng's fighting style means "God fist styled Chinese fist laws" in English.
    • Feng Wei practiced Ken-Po. 
    • Feng Wei is also wanted by Lei Wulong for his crimes in Japan.
    • Feng's wrist/forearm rings are utilized by one of the fighters in the movie Kung Fu Hustle. The fighting style there is called "Hung Ga" and it is what the fighting style of Earthbenders in the Last Airbender (Avatar in the original cartoon) is based on.
    • He can be customized to look like Guan Yu from Dynasty Warriors.
    • In Tekken 5, the announcer pronounces Feng's name as "Fang".
    • When his master was still alive, Feng was at the top of his class.    
    • In Wang Jinrei's "Story" mode in Tekken 5, Feng is encountered at Stage 7. After Wang defeats him, he tells Feng that he only needs to practice, and in response, Feng bows his head as Wang leaves.    

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