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Born from Angerbode and Loki, and brother to Iormungandr and Hel, he was destined to devour the All-father.

Fenrir, as he appears in Shin Megami tensei
Fenrir, as he appears in Shin Megami tensei

Though Odin took him to Asgard hoping to tame the beast, he eventually grew to such size and strength that the gods attempted to bind him. The first chain, Laeding, was easily broken; as was the second, Droma. Then he was bound by Gleipnir, an indestructible chain forged by the dwarves themselves, fixed with the fetter, Gelgia. But the wolf would only allow himself to be bound on one condition: one of the gods were to put their hands in his mouth as insurance. And so Tyr placed his right hand in the beast's maw, and when the chain proved unbreakable, Fenrir bit off the god's hand.

Fenrir would remain bound until Ragnarok, where he finally broke free from his chains to fight by Loki's side. In the ensuing battle he devoured Odin, the all-father, but was himself slain when Vidar placed his foot on his lower jaw, grasped his upper jaw with his bare hands, and tore them apart.

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