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Fenris is a potential companion and romance option in  Dragon Age II. During the Bait and Switch quest, Hawke suddenly meets Fenris after dealing with a group of Slavers in Lowtown. Fenris reveals to Hawke that he was used as bait for what he suspected to be a bounty hunter trap. Fenris then tells Hawke that he is going to go after his former master and Hawke can decide to join him. After breaking into the estate and fighting through several groups of Shades, Fenris and Hawke discover that the room is empty and that he has fled. After speaking to Fenris outside the estate he can be recruited into Hawke's party as a companion if the player so chooses.  


Fenris was a slave to a Tevinter Magister named Denarius.  Denarius performed experiments on Fenris that burned lyrium into his body, giving him special abilities.  Denarius also enjoyed the intimidation effect on others of Fenris' lyrium markings.  These lyrium experiments wiped any memory of Fenris' life before Denarius captured him.  During the setting of Dragon Age II, Denarius still lives and is hunting to recapture his escaped slave.  Because of his experiences with Denarius and Tevinter Magisters in general, Fenris is very distrusting of all mages.

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