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    Fetch Quest

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    An industry game design convention that's appeared in many games over the years. The fetch quest involves sending the player out to collect a certain number of items, and return them to complete the quest. A staple of the RPG and Adventure game genre.

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    A wide variety of games (notably Point and Click Adventure games,MMOs, and RPGs) contain quests requiring the player to retrieve an item, often several, for a non-player character. Such quests are often criticized for their tedious nature and somewhat pointlessness. (A badass warrior retrieving 6 wolf pelts for a peasant? Yeah, real heroic). Fetch quests are considered a cliche of the video game industry and a point of criticism for many games.

    Fetch This Item. Now Keep It.

    Some games with fetch quests will award the player with the item they were told to retrieve. Whether the quest-giver lacked the imagination to come up with a reward, they wanted to see the item again, OR they just wanted to make the player their slave is hard to decide. Still, it's always pleasing when you collect a powerful sword and are rewarded with "Feel free to keep it" when you return. This turn of events generally eases the pain of having to complete yet another fetch quest.


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