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    Feudal Japan

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    The feudal period of Japanese history, which was dominated by powerful regional families holding large areas of land (daimyo) and military warlords (shogun), between 1185 and 1603 AD.

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    The feudal period in Japan's history stretched from the end of the classical period of Japanese history in 1185 to the beginning of the Edo period in 1603. During this period, the nation was dominated by powerful clans that controlled various territories and were headed by figures known as daimyo. Society consisted of two classes; the nobility and the peasantry. This period of history also coincides with the Warring States era; a period of civil war during the fifteenth century in which daimyo fought to control the land. This period of Japan's feudalistic society ended in 1603 with the establishment of the Tokugawa Shogunate government in 1603, which remained firmly in control of Japan until 1868.


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