Clock Room Question (Spoliers Obvs)

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#1 Posted by leebmx (2345 posts) -

I know in theory how to do this room. But should the hands on the clock be visibly turning? Mine don't move - do I have to do something to make them? I have waited way longer than a min watching the red hands and nothing happens. Whats up? Am I being dumb?

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#2 Posted by utamaru (134 posts) -

They should be turning at one rate or another. If the hands on the clock aren't turning at all, time might just have stopped. Either way, you should take matters into your own hands and do something about that.

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#3 Posted by Phoenix778m (334 posts) -

Your fine...hint: some of the hands span a long amount of time.

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Ta Guys, will eat some oily fish or something and get back to it...

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