Favourite/Most Hated Red Herrings (no holds barred SPOILERS)

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Hey all,

I'd like to hear about some of the red herrings you guys got caught on.

There can be spoilers for anything at all Fez related in here, so watch out!

Here are my 2:

1. Number System - I, like a lot of people I imagine, had a wonderful base-16 system where every value had one representation. Each tick was a binary bit and there were 4 bits. Beautiful solution I thought.

But this didn't match the base-11 system hints on the wall, like the 2 representations of '3'.

2. Bell Tower - Somehow, after trying the ring each face by its number (like the real solution), I didn't get the cube, so surely that would have been too easy I thought :)

Then I had a 'epiphany'. It would have been so great. Looking at the top of the tower from each side, note the floating grey blocks each have a number on them depending on the facing. So I XOR'ed each block with the number on the bell giving this list:

Bell NumberGrey Block 1 Xor with BellGrey Block 2 Xor with Bell

Notice each face has a unique pair of numbers 1 through 10 and that 3 and 6 conspicuously absent from the XOR values. I first tried ringing each face in this order, back and forth, first ignoring the missing 3 and 6:

1, 10, 6, 1, 3, 6, 3, 10

Eight numbers, nice and neat, no luck of course.

Then I tried letting the 6 and 3 on the bell faces indicate a position in the sequence along with the XORed numbers:

1, 10, 3, 6, 1, 6, 3, 6, 3, 10

Still nothing, backwards or forwards. Then I remembered someone saying, don't trust the hypercube. He says stand in front and ring, well maybe it was a trick, so I went through all of the above again but standing with my silhouette behind the bell.

Frustrated now, I looked up the answer...

Oh, it was the first thing I tried...

What are some of the false leads that you all got suckered into?

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In the final fantasy series, that there are male characters

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I hate how complex the "bible" is to translate. I still don't understand after reading the solution how you get which page order to translate. I also think the black monolith was stupid. All answers should be included within the game world somehow.

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