Handy-dandy FEZ translation cheat sheet (PDF)

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I know there are plenty of translation guides out there by now, including some on the Giant Bomb wiki, but I wanted to create a single-page printable reference for myself, and I figured others might find it useful as well.

Check out the preview over on the right.

Download the PDF file here.

EDIT: Updated version fixed one letter mistake and includes a small change to the numerals layout.

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@joshrholloway: Well done. Feel free to put it (or a link to this thread or the image in your profile) right in the wiki. If you don't, someone will. :)

I should mention though, the first button decoding I did, the one I got the achievement on, I did not attempt to rotate the symbols like this says. I entered them as-is on the pillar from top to bottom.

So it's probably not set in stone. (hawww >_<). Also not every set of vertical symbols requires breaking apart.

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Your Q should be rotated 180 degrees. Q and K are the same, Q and X are not. :-)

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Is there a point where it becomes easy (or not easy, but less impossible-feeling) to decode the language? Or do you have to be really super smart to do it on your own?

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@bwheeeler: If you do a bunch all at once (for example, the speech that the big cube gives you at the beginning before giving you the Fez), you'll probably start to pick up on some of the more common letters and patterns. You don't need to memorize everything, as certain letters show up a ton more often than others (vowels, T's, S's, etc). Also, certain letters tend to show up more often alongside others (such as T's and H's).

As I was going through that intro speech, I found myself referring less and less frequently to the alphabet cheat sheet. I don't know how long that information will stay in my brain though.

P.S: The cube's speech is fairly amusing, but doesn't give you anything particularly useful.

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Are letters to be read horizontally or vertically?

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Which buttons do I need to press when using a keyboard to do the "RB/LB" buttons? I want achievements and I don't have a controller plus I'm broke af so I can't afford one.

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neat-o! I still have my journal from when I figured the whole alphabet and stuff out when it came out on 360. I was pretty proud of that.

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