It'd be fun to watch someone else figure out Fez

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#1 Posted by I_smell (4219 posts) -

It's 100% not gonna happen, but man wouldn't an endurance run of Fez be cool to watch? The coolest parts of Persona 4 was near the end when they were figuring out who the murderer was- I'm like 38 cubes in and it'd be really funny to have two guys VOCALIZING and talking while they try tilting their head to the side for the first time.

Cos when I did it I just laughed for a sec and silently thought about how cool it was for 20 minutes.

It's not gonna happen, and it'd be a shame cos obviously people would watch it without playing first, but y'know... It'd be funny to hear people like "What the fuck, this Xbox controller has more than one vibration motor? Since when?? How is this doing this? Write this down!"

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It would be interesting, but they would probably reach a couple of points where they'd get stuck for an unreasonably long time, it would be really hard to watch until that sudden eureka moment.

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I am still playing it and have not looked up any FAQ or guides. There are many moments of pure awesomeness when stuff clicks, but I personally would not want to watch myself play Fez as I would probably shout at the TV for missing really obvious things. Also there have been many long periods of time where I have made no progress what so ever because I am stuck at one bit.

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I finished Fez completely and now watching my roommate play is about the most frustrating thing ever. It might be because she's probably the least observant person I know when I comes to games, so it's hard to watch her ignore things or not understand things. I would have trouble watching that ER although I must say that I actually like the idea abstractly. I would love to see an ER of a crazy intense puzzle game; unfortunately, it'd have to be one I haven't played.

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AAaaaaaaa I just got to my first really annoying puzzle and now I take it back.

It was the big telescope. It's designed in a really dickish way where the code sabotages itself if you go left instead of right, so I had no idea I'd screwed up until I copied it down for like the 3rd time. That wouldn't be so fun to watch, actually.

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I just finished up my masters and plan on devoting a day to playing through this game. I've avoided FAQs, spoilers, etc. so I'd like to see how far I can get through it on my own, without looking anything up. There probably isn't much interest in anyone watching me do this, but I'll update on how it goes.

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