This sub-node is driving me crazy!!

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I'm trying to find a way into a certain node. It is a small one, and it says it come directly out of the main warp gate area - the gate with the tree on top. I have all the doors open, the water level is lowered, and I still cannot find how to get into this node. It's a part of the same branch that the broken archway is connected to when you're looking on the map. It's driving me bonkers because this area has NO more doors I can open!

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@xyzygy: You have access to it... maybe you're confusing the original bottom center door with the new one post-water lowering?

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@xyzygy: There aren't any hidden doors in that area. just spin and stand in front of every single door on each side, one of them won't have a preview window (because you haven't been there), and that's the one you're missing.

Also, there is a door in the tree above the gate, maybe you missed that one? it seems like that would be a terrible location for a door so I could understand not looking up there. Otherwise, not sure how you'd miss a door in that area.

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can't believe I missed it. I was almost positive that i went in that door! i was missing the one you see after raising the water level, the door that leads to the monolith. God.

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