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    Game » consists of 15 releases. Released Apr 13, 2012

    A puzzle platformer developed by Polytron that uses a 2D perspective shifting mechanic to solve puzzles and complete levels. The main character, a white creature named Gomez, wears a fez and is obsessed with collecting hats.

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    It's the game I wanted for at least a decade. 5

    FEZ is a loveletter to video games. Classic video games mostly.The first things I realized while playing it:The visuals are amazing. 2D, but revolving around a 3D axis that is made of voxel like worldsThe platforming is great. Renaud must have put in a lot of attention so the game feels good to playThe game is huge and insanely detailed. Everything you see in screenshots usually has a reason to be there. Wow.The music is the best thing I’ve heard in a long time.So after I realized that, the firs...

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    The Gaping Maw of Madness 1

    One of the many secret messages in Fez reads, “Trapped in a fez factory. Please send help.” This is a plea straight from the mouth of the game’s creator, Phil Fish, who for nearly five years, was trapped within the padded walls of his own creation. This game all but killed him, clawing away at his health, psyche and relationships.And it shows.Fez is the chronicle of Phil Fish’s descent into madness as he struggled to develop the game, and through endless mystery, obfuscation and complexity, it i...

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    Fez (you spin me right round baby) 0

    Fez, It's fun cubedAlmost five whole years have passed since Fez was first announced by creator Phil Fish in 2007. But after what would appear to be a rather lengthy wait, it was finally released to the world on Friday the 13th 2012. Unlucky for some, but not for Polytron’s mind bending new platform puzzler, which has been met by fantastic reviews and much acclaim overall. So much time in the making seems to have suited Fez well as this is one game that was definitely worth waiting for.On first ...

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    Interesting, charming and magical, but sometimes too obtuse 0

    Fez delivers a fresh, evocative take on puzzle-platforming. It's environments are varied and strangely beautiful despite the retro sprite-driven camp that pervades the entire game's image, and it carries a decent amount of content for it's budget 800msp asking price. However, Fez isn't my favourite XBLA game this year (in fact, as Trials Evolution is out tomorrow, it won't even be my favourite XBLA game this week), and it is every bit obtuse and frustrating as it is magical.The basic concept of ...

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    The pieces of this puzzle don't quite fit together. 0

    I enjoyed Fez quite a bit. I spent 19 hours playing it (according to Steam), mostly on my MacBook in my office in between meetings. Playing it in small chunks worked well; at least for the first 10-12 hours it always left me wanting to come back for more. But after a certain point I was only continuing to play out of a sense of obligation, and I began to realize that the game has serious problems with the way the puzzles are presented and integrated with the gameplay.This review contains mass...

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    Fez: Ready for Adventure? 1

    Ready for adventure?Fez is a very special game. Not in the sense that it is unique (although it is!), but that there is a very immaculate magic to its atmosphere and subtle nods to the 8- and 16-bit era of video games which you rarely see replicated anywhere else. Even speaking to anybody else who has played it sparks conversations about how insane some of the puzzles are, and also how obtuse and esoteric some of the solutions seem to be; it’s this sort of dialogue that is one of the reasons Fez...

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    FEZ Review 0

    FEZ is the long awaited, award winning, game from Phil Fish, and Polytron Corporation. In the game you'll be playing the roll of Gomez, a citizen of the village who takes on the most important task there is. Once you meet with the elder with the eye patch, that's when the real adventure begins. This game blends 2D with 3D in such a way that I couldn't put down the controller until I played all the way through it.The graphics are done in an 8 bit style to give you that nostalgia effect, and that ...

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    An Enigmatic Journey through Dimensional Puzzles 0

    Fez, developed by Polytron Corporation and released in 2012, is an indie puzzle platformer that takes players on an extraordinary journey through a mysterious world. With its unique 2D/3D gameplay mechanics and captivating pixel art style, Fez has been praised for its creativity, depth, and mind-bending puzzles.Fez presents an innovative concept where players control Gomez, a 2D character, who discovers a magical Fez that grants him the ability to perceive his 2D world from four distinct 90-deg...

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    An insane game 0

    FEZ is a platformer. A pretty looking platformer, with pixel art and everything. And it has a pretty cool gameplay, with 2D but in a 3D environment that you can rotate. And you collect stuff. Overall a really fun 2D platformer. Oh, and before I forget it's also on of the most amazing puzzle game I've ever played. And I'm saying "puzzle game" because I don't know what else to call FEZ. This game is absolutely crazy ! The world is crazy, the discoveries you make are crazy, hell the fact that you c...

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    Extremely taxing but very rewarding 0

    Among artsy indie games, there have been a lot of compelling puzzle-platformers in recent years. Games like Braid, Limbo and Closure may at times take themselves a bit too seriously, but they still rank among some of the most intriguing and beautiful games in the indie-space, if not all of gaming. They tease mystery, ambiguity, and encourage you to give yourself up to them before they let their deeper meaning be revealed.The next game in that lineage, Fez, is essentially the vision of one man, P...

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    Fez Review 0

    Polytron were approaching April 13 at a disadvantage. Their baby, Fez, and its five-year development cycle was marred with numerous setbacks, including a scrapping and complete redesign. In the meantime, 8-bit inspired games were fast becoming the staple of the indie development scene. Titles such as Super Meat Boy, and Braid swept in and stole the hearts of many gamers, and a slew of others side-scrolling platformers soon began to flood the market. As more 8-bit lookalikes were churned out, Fez...

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    Fez: Patience's Reward 0

    It would be a good idea to begin by stating my involvement throughout Fez's development. I didn't have any. In fact, I purposefully avoided a good portion of the coverage released about the game, for a multitude of reasons. The first being, from the limited exposure I had to critical opinion regarding Fez, I found there to be a consensus between people of not wanting to expose themselves too heavily to the game, with risk of it being spoiled for them. It told me that these journalists regarded t...

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    Fez is Amazing (if you let it be) 0

    At first glance, Phil Fish’s indie platformer Fez appears to be a game with a single gimmick: being able to rotate a 3D world and traverse it as if it were a 2D platformer a la Crush or Super Paper Mario. While this is a unique concept that prevents the game from drowning in the sea of other indie platformers, it not the reason you should be playing Fez.GameplayThe first half of the game starts you off collecting floating cubes to unlock doors to new areas which lead to more cubes, which allow y...

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    Parallel Dimensions 0

    There was a time when, at best, I thought Fez wasn’t coming out. I assumed it had fallen apart, especially when comparing it to other similar developments. To wit, Super Meat Boy only took two years; Braid--a bit more complex than the average 2D jump fest--took three. But now I’ve played Phil Fish’s long struggle, and everything makes sense. The big showcase of the game is 2D to 3D perspective shifting, and while that is pretty interesting on the surface, so much more subtle, obscure, and crypto...

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    One Part Puzzles, One Part Pixels, 100% Madness 0

    I have reached my breaking point as I stare into the library on the screen. The last golden cube bit hiding some where in this room. All the clues are right in front of me, but I just can’t figure it out. I lay the controller down, defeated. I stare at my phone ready to lookup any guide for answers.Then, a chip-tune melody plays from the screen as I notice my 1-year old son fiddling with the controller. I quickly snatch it away from him and enter the secret passage that had eluded me for hours, ...

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    Beautiful and Relaxing, but Cryptic 0

    When I first started playing Fez, I found the game to be incredibly relaxing. You play the game as Gomez, who just so happens just to get a fez and can rotate the world, and that's about it with the setup. From there you hop around and get cubes.The first opening hours of Fez are quite easy. Bits of cubes are everywhere, and you just need to jump to them to get them. If you can't get to one, just rotate the world, and you'll figure it out. While you're just leisurely jumping around, the sound tr...

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    Review: Fez (Xbox Live Arcade) 0

    When Phil Fish isn't busy insulting the Japanese, he's involved in making some top quality games. Fez is a 2D platformer that places you in the pudgy white body of Gomez, who upon his awakening is summoned to Professor Oak's laboratory to.... No. Wait, wrong game. Actually, Gomez is blessed with the gift of the almighty Fez, which allows him to view the Universe beyond the two dimensions that his fellow dough-boys are confined to. By pressing the trigger buttons (or the shoulder buttons) you're ...

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    A Good-Looking, Unique, and Sometimes Very Challenging Game 0

    Fez is an indie puzzle platformer five years in the making. As the brainchild of independent developer Phil Fish and his company Polytron, the game has undergone various trials and tribulations during its development, but after being fully remade three separate times and receiving a whole host of buzz from the games journalism community, Fez is finally here. In the game you play as Gomez, the adorable inhabitant of a playful 2D world. One day Gomez is bestowed a red fez by an old man, and after ...

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    A whole New Dimension of Indie Platforming 0

    At first glance Fez looks like your typical indie platformer. The 8bit graphics and cutesy characters are all par for the course we've visited so many times before. The interesting perspective shifting dynamics add a twist to the title, literally, that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd. Creator Phil Fish didn't stop there though - and when you really start to dig deeper into the game you realize it's in a whole another dimension of 'puzzle platformer.'Fez is structured around a loose stor...

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    A World Worth Exploring: A FEZ Review 0

    At first glance, FEZ might appear as just another indie-platformer with a unique twist on the traditional platformer and a great artstyle. While this (oversimplified) description might have been fine for most a few years ago, Braid, Limbo, and other small-time platformers have already done this sort of thing before, so then why is FEZ so damn good? Well, it does it through a myriad of methods, which all combine to create an experience that everybody should partake of.You play as Gomez, a smallis...

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    Too obtuse for most to enjoy. 0

    Fez requires some time to truly understand. Unfortunately, most people probably won't discover nearly everything that is abound in Fez. The main story of Fez is a decent platforming adventure with a neat gimmick. You play as Gomez, a fez wearing 2D guy in a 2D world. The story picks up as a 3D cube invades the world and transforms it. The main hook of Fez is to rotate different dimensions to progress through different areas. The map may be confusing at first, but you'll understand it soon enough...

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