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Within the EverQuest franchise, there are many annual holidays and festivals. Some of them have been adapted from real world holidays to fit within the game's lore and deities.

Real HolidayNorrath HolidayTime Held
Valentine's DayErollisi DayMid-February
St. Patrick's DayBrew DayMid-March
April Fool's DayBristlebane DayEarly April
HalloweenNights of the DeadLate October
ChristmasFrostfellLate December

Guild Wars

Real HolidayTyrian HolidayTime Held
Chinese New YearCanthan New YearFifth Thursday of the year
ChristmasWindersdayLate December

League of Legends

Real HolidayValoran HolidayTime Held
Chinese New YearLunar RevelFebruary
HalloweenHarrowingLate October
ChristmasSnowman ShowdownLate December

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