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Fiddlesticks is a scarecrow-themed caster in League of Legends. He has various crowd control spells, as well as a high-damage dealing ultimate ability.


There was once a great rune mage and summoner Istavaan, but one day overstepped his boundaries as a summoner and sealed himself in his chambers to perform a forbidden ritual. The problem is that Istavaan never returned, and after a few failed attempts at reaching out to him, his chamber was finally opened only to be greeted by a scarecrow-like creature who would be known as Fiddlesticks. Little is known about Fiddlesticks true purpose, but he seems to only be at peace on the field of battle.



Passive: All nearby enemy champions have a reduced magic resistance.


Active ability (Q): Instills fear in one enemy champion, causing them to flee in random directions for a few seconds.


Active ability (W): Fiddlesticks becomes stationary and targets one enemy and drains the life from them, healing himself for several seconds or until they are out of range.

Dark Wind
Dark Wind

Active ability (E): Fiddlesticks launches a crow at a target, dealing damage and silencing them. The crow can bounce to multiple nearby enemies, having the same effect on them.


Active ability (R): After a brief delay, Fiddlesticks teleports to a target location and creates an aura around himself, dealing high damage to any enemies as long as they are in range. Fiddlesticks may move while the spell is active.


StatBase ValueGrowth Per Level
Damage 45.95 2.625
Health 390 80
Mana 251 59
Movement Speed 310 0
Armor14.25 3.5
Spell Block 35 0
Health Regen 0.92 0.12
Mana Regen 0.88 0.09


Upon Selection

  • "Your bidding, master!"


  • "I feel your fear..."
  • "Fear me."
  • "Are you afraid?"
  • "The end is near!"
  • "To our end."
  • "Indeed.'"
  • "Yes, my master."


  • "I think I'll let you suffer for a while..."


  • "Fiddle my stick! *laughs maniacally*"

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