PES 2014 Overall gameplay thoughts?

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Having had the game since its release over a month ago I would like to say that I believe it to be better than current gen FIFA although it is still not as good as I had hoped. The changes to the Master League Online have really stopped me wanting to play that part.

Last year I had fun with the MLO but this year they have tried to simplify it but at the same time have made it worse. Now when you progress, the game tells you that you can now "sign 7 players" but they have removed the money for a points system that never seems to leave me being able to afford a player. I don't know why they did this as the Offline ML is like last year with real money values.

Another thing I noticed with the MLO was I can up against an opponent who had only played 2 online matches yet he had Cristiano Ronaldo in his team. I don't know how they can get such a good team with their record showing they've hardly played.

There is also a glitch that seems to have happened since the latest patch. You cant turn off the music and save if in that state anymore. Pavarotti singing every time I launch the game is no good after the 3rd time.

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Have you ever thought something about a video game and NOT started a thread about it on Giant Bomb?

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get it on PC, get the custom data pack. Best soccer game ever.

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