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Not much has changed but still addictive...

fans it doesn't seem that much has changed. EA started making this type of games in 2003 with Total Club Manager 2003 and went on with the name until 2005. In 2006, they changed the name to FIFA Manager and also made a completely new game. The main problem of TCM was it's interface which wasn't very easy to use and wasn't very intuitive. In comparison with Football Manager it was harder to use and lacked it's depth. It was however a easier game to play and also had 3D match view using the FIFA engine. That was it's attacking point over FM and it established a small fanbase. FIFA Manager 2006 however, was very good. It was very close to Footbal Manager in the amount of data and also featured better graphics, a soundtrack and a 3D view instead of watching some small dots run on a green table.
EA have the tendency not to bother changing games from year to year that much. FIFA 06,07 and 08 were probably the same game but with updated teams and squads. It is the exact same thing with this franchise. FIFA Manager 11 isn't that different from the 2006 version, but is that such a big problem? Football Manager hasn't changed in more than 10 years, why is EA to blame?
FIFA MANAGER 11 is a good and strong football experience. The amount of things to do is huge. From easy tasks like picking the first team, buying and selling players, to buying merchandise for you to sell, hiring and sacking staff, getting sponsorship or getting married, the game is a great experience. This is a easy game to pick up and play. Talking about the entire things to do is pointless and would take too much time.
The game is absolutely great. It has a few problems like crashing when loading games, or some long loading times, but all these aspects have been improved since previous games.
You may choose when beginning your career how much implication you want in the club. You can be manager only, or you can choose other tasks you want to do yourself in the club. If you feel confident in yourself you may also be the jack of all trades and do everything as you want.
You may pick any team you want from many countries. All teams and players are there, with original player, with their own stats and perks. All clubs have a history, as do all players.
The content of the game is huge and the interface is very slick and tidy.
Graphically the game looks good, there are small animations here and there, nice newspapers and articles about what's going on in the world of football.
One of the weak sides of the game is it's soundtrack. It's not bad but it's so repetitive and there aren't really any songs. The music consists mainly of some musical notes, not songs. Also, for those who have played EA's SIMS 3, some "songs" may sound a little familiar.
As a whole the game is great and offers a really fun, deep and addictive managerial experience. But the main problem with hard core fans is the fact that not much has changed since the last installments, so if you have played previous titles and have advanced very much in the game, and do not want to begin all over again, there is no reason to do so. But if one wants to begin a new career in manager mode, and the price of the game isn't a problem,or for those new to the series, FIFA Manager 11 can't go wrong.

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