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The best football game for the current generation of systems

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    The Best Football game on the Planet!!!!!!!!! 0

    Where can I start with this game? There are so many amazing things on there. Firstly the Adidas Live League (I think that what it is called) well you get 1 season trial and it is amazing it updates player's attributes according to their most recent match in real life. Then you have the ten on ten match which is just the best thing to play, especially if 10 of your mates have the game :).The manager modes are also very good because of the interaction with the media, where you are asked questions ...

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    Fifa, can it beat last year? You bet... 0

    Last year FIFA 08 was a total dissapointment to many EA Sports and long living football fans, including myself, but is FIFA get better this year? In a word "Absoloutely". Last year everyone knew that they blew it, but people were expecting big from Fifa 09, and boy did they get it.One of the best qualitys of the game is surely the outstanding graphics, it's almost as if your living the action at that football ground, feeling the tense of the game. Something new added was players calling and aski...

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