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Football is here.

Every year, like so many of the franchises from EA, FIFA is released. This game is the epitomy of football for many people now, with the engine of rival Pro Evo (Konami) being far below par. In short the game delivers on letting the football experience be perfect, and to be honest, is the best representation of Football avaliable on home consoles.

The gameplay is the most important, so we'll start with that. FIFA plays in so many ways, due to the new Custom Team Tactics feature. This allows teams to play like they really do, and means if you like pacy wingers, you can tell the AI to account for that, and get into position for a cross. Whereas if you like the slow and steady passing game, that is easy to change in a few minutes. The players all feel solid and players now can really push each other off the ball if stronger and with more balance.

You get many game modes with FIFA, from Manager and Tournaments to new modes such as Be A Pro. You now get a 4 season career on BAP, much better than last years which was confined to one or two friendlys on the play now menue. You can take your skills online, and play 10 vs.10, like NHL 09's mode, but the original.

Talking of online, the system is relativley quick to send you to a match and peanalises thoes who quit out half way through, as they should be. 

Really the FIFA experience is not one to be missed. The graphics are simply gorgous and really a show off for what the people at EA Vancouver can do. The gameplay is rock solid with good controls and nice new features. Online the game shines unless you come up against a person who insists on playing as Manchester United (best team).

This should not be missed if you like football (soccer), and easily gets 5 Stars.

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