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    Fight for Life

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 15, 1996

    The Jaguar's answer to Virtua Fighter and Tekken, pitting eight dead generic warriors in a Hellish tournament for a chance at another life. It is the last first-party game for the system.

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    Fight for Life is a 3D fighting game developed and published by Atari for the Atari Jaguar on January 15, 1996.

    Known as the final first-party game released on the Jaguar (and the only 3D polygonal fighting game for the system), Fight for Life is unique for both its optional "rolling camera" system (which follows the action from multiple angles) and its single-player special move system (where rather than starting with a full array of special attacks, the player instead "steals" them by defeating opponents).

    The game is set in Hell, where eight damned souls fight each other for the chance to challenge the son of Satan and become reborn.

    When marketing the game, Atari was eager to tout that Francois Bertrand, the sole programmer for the game, had experience with Sega-AM2 working on the original Virtua Fighter.


    • Kimura
    • Ian
    • Kara
    • Pog
    • Mr. G
    • Muhali
    • Jenny
    • Lun
    • Junior (final boss, transforms after losing a round)

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