Fighters Destiny

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    A 3D fighting game exclusive to the Nintendo 64 that uses a unique point-based system to determine who wins.

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    Fighters Destiny (known in Japan as Fighting Cup) is a 3D fighting game developed by Genki (in conjunction with Opus) and published by Ocean (Imagineer in Japan) for the Nintendo 64 on January 27, 1998.

    Along with its simple control scheme (reminiscent of Virtua Fighter), Fighters Destiny is known for its unique point-based scoring system (replacing the traditional round-based system) based on knocking down opponents. It's also known for its expandable command lists (where players can win, and sometimes lose, new abilities for their fighter).

    It later received a sequel, titled Fighter Destiny 2. Along with enhanced graphics and audio, the sequel changes most of the roster and adds a new single-player mode (where fights are determined in a board game scenario).



    Fighters Destiny plays like a traditional 3D fighting game, similar to the Virtua Fighter series. By default, each player has access to four buttons: Upper Attack (defaulted to B), Lower Attack (defaulted to A), Guard (defaulted to R) and Hirari (defaulted to L).

    Each attack are categorized as High, Mid, and Low attacks. Normal guarding blocks both High and Mid attacks, while guarding while crouching blocks both Mid and Low attacks. Hirari is a unique dodge that, while holding the button down, avoids both High and Low attacks. It can also be used to sidestep or perform a longer dash.

    Unlike most fighting games, depleting an opponent's lifebar does not knock them down to win the round. Instead, they are temporarily stunned and can only move, jump, duck, and recover (by mashing Attack buttons). While their opponent is in this condition, players can perform unescapable throws and temporarily gain the ability to perform unique Special Attacks.

    Scoring System

    Instead of the traditional round-based system (in which players gain one victory point for either depleting the opponent's life bar or having the most health when the timer depletes), Fighters Destiny uses a unique scoring system in which players must score a total number of points (seven by default) by doing the following:

    • JUDGE (1 pt.) - Dealing the most damage when the time counter reaches the limit (defaulted to thirty seconds).
    • THROW DOWN (2 pts.) - Successfully knocking down the opponent (or knocking them off the arena) with a throw.
    • KNOCK DOWN (3 pts.) - Successfully knocking down the opponent with a unique knockdown attack.
    • COUNTER (3 pts.) - Successfully knocking down the opponent with a unique counter-attack (knockdown attacks that can be used to parry non-throw attack).
    • SPECIAL (4 pts.) - Successfully knocking down the opponent with a unique Special Attack (knockdown attacks that can only be used while the opponent is dizzied).

    When any of the above qualifiers are met, the game resets both fighters back to the middle of the stage and resets the timer back to zero.

    Special Techniques

    Both Attack buttons can be combined to perform a Throw. Throws bypass both Guard (which makes it unescapable until the Guard button is released) and Hirari (which makes it unescapable), cannot be ducked under, and can be escaped by mashing Attack buttons.

    Along with the basic Throw, players can perform more advanced types when combined with a joystick direction (each having unique properties, including a special crouching parry that makes the throw unescapable). Throws can also be used while hanging on the ledge.

    By performing a forward dash while close to their opponent, players can jump over their opponent for location advantage.


    • Ryuji (Japanese karate master)
    • Abdul (Mongolian fighter)
    • Tomahawk (American professional wrestler)
    • Meiling (Chinese kung fu expert)
    • Ninja (Japanese ninja)
    • Pierre (French clown)
    • Leon (Spanish fighter)
    • Valerie (German fighter)
    • Bob (Brazilian fighter)
    • Boro (Swiss fighter and the final opponent of VS. Com mode, unlocked by completing that mode)
    • Ushi (Hong Kong fighting cow and opponent of Rodeo Record Attack mode, unlocked by lasting one minute in that mode)
    • Robert (German robotic practice dummy and opponent of Training mode, unlocked by completing Fastest Record Attack mode in under one minute)
    • Joker (Russian clown and opponent in Master Challenge mode, unlocked by defeating 100 opponents in Survival Record Attack mode)
    • Master (Japanese fighting master and opponent in Master Challenge mode, unlocked by winning every fight in that mode)

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