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    Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!!

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 17, 1995

    A Super Famicom exclusive sequel to Data East's arcade fighting game series, featuring a story mode where Mizoguchi travels throughout the world to battle a mysterious masked figure (who Data East fans probably already know).

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    Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!! (translated to Fighter's History: Mizoguchi's Critical Moment!!) is a 2D fighting game developed and published by Data East for the Super Famicom (in Japan only) on February 17, 1995.

    Originally meant to be the Super Famicom port for Fighter's History Dynamite, it was instead modified to be both a sequel and a vehicle for Fighter's History's breakout character Makoto Mizoguchi. Along with a traditional arcade mode, the game includes a story mode that involves Mizoguchi chasing down a mysterious masked character who disparaged Osaka's takoyaki shop, of which Mizoguchi is fiercely protective.

    In addition, the game features a Survival Mode (where players survive as long as possible against an endless string of opponents), a Tag Mode (where either combatant can hover around the edge of the screen to switch to a second character) and a Practice Mode (which teaches players combos and techniques).


    The game includes eight playable fighters from Fighter's History Dynamite and one secret unlockable boss. All other fighters from FHD appear in the game's story cutscenes.

    • Makoto Mizoguchi: While physically imposing, Mizoguchi has a goofy personality and frequently doesn't take fights as seriously as his opponents would like. He's often forced to fight for the Chinese mafia, despite his numerous attempts to escape that life.
    • Ryoko Kano: A diminutive yet powerful Judo practitioner, Ryoko is based on the real-life judoka Ryoko Tani, who won two Olympic gold medals.
    • Liu Feilin: A narcissistic Chinese actor, she fights with the distinctive praying mantis style of Shaolin Kung Fu.
    • Lee Diendou: A no-nonsense dedicated martial artist that practices Bajiquan. Also hails from China.
    • Zazie Muhaba: A Kenyan practitioner of karate, he fights to protect the animals of his home continent from poachers. Uses his impressive height and reach to his advantage.
    • Liu Yungmie: A flexible South Korean Taekwondo fighter who can add fire to her attacks.
    • Clown: A flamboyant fighter who relies on circus tricks to confuse his opponents.
    • Karnov: Despite a stunning resemblance to the character of the same name from the Arcade/NES game Karnov, this Karnov is a dangerous and wealthy Russian individual who hosts the Fighter's History's in-game tournament "The Great Grapple".
    • Chelnov: The mysterious masked man featured in the core Mizoguchi story mode. Acts as the final boss of that mode and as a secret unlockable character for the multiplayer Versus mode. Like Karnov, he is a stranger from another land.

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