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Fighting Masters is a fighting game for up to two players released exclusively for the Sega Genesis. It's a two-button fighter, with one of those buttons dedicated to jumping. Instead of separate punch and kick buttons, the type of attack is determined by the player's distance to their opponent. When very close, it's possible to throw the opponent for much greater damage.

The conceit of the game is that twelve sapient species are about to be destroyed by an enormous supernova, and an advanced starfaring race is able to save one of them from total destruction. In order to choose which is the most worthy, the twelve each choose a champion to compete in a fighting tournament.


The list of fighters, each with their original Japanese name/North American name.

  • Larry/Dirk
  • Elepha/Mastodon
  • Flamer/Equus
  • Morin/Morin
  • Beowulf/Grinder
  • Goldrock/Goldrock
  • Tomahawk/Phoenix
  • Zygunte/Zygrunt
  • Medusa/Rotundo
  • Drason/Xenon
  • Eyesight/Uppercut

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