Fighting Road

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 13, 1988

    A one-on-one martial arts fighting game for the NES published by Toei. It was released in Japan only on December 13th 1988.

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    Fighting Road is a single-player only fighting game for the NES. The player must follow a path around a river fighting increasingly stronger opponents at every stop.

    The player has a selection of punches and kicks to rely on, with tougher moves such as a flying kick and a leg sweep requiring more complex inputs. In addition, a flashing bar will increase each time the player is attacked and once it is full the player can unleash a devastating fireball attack. Each fight consists of two rounds, with the player needing to beat both rounds in order to proceed - though as an added level of challenge the player does not recover health between rounds, unlike the opponent.


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