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    Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 17, 2013

    A mobile touch-ATB battle game featuring monsters and characters from classic Final Fantasy games.

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    Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is a portable game released for the iPhone, iPad and Android, developed and published by Square Enix. The game lets players battle iconic Final Fantasy enemies with massive 32 strong parties.


    The gameplay in All the Bravest takes place by swiping and tapping the screen. Players start on the plains of Cornaria from Final Fantasy I with a normal sized party. As the player progresses through the game, they gain levels by grinding and recruit new allies for their party. A player can have up to 32 Final Fantasy characters fighting at the same time against a common enemy.


    Players don't select which attacks to use against which enemies. Instead, combat is done by tapping or swiping the character sprites in the player's party. Players win battles by leveling up their party and by tapping and swiping as fast as they can. Attacks can't be selected and a character's class does not play any role in the final outcome of the battle. Furthermore, players can't chose which enemy to attack, the game just does it for them.

    If every character in one's party dies, the player has a choice between three options. He can go back to the map and grind some more in order to gain levels and increase the chance of defeating the boss. He can wait for each character in his party to be revived (3 minutes per character meaning that a full party would recover from defeat in 96 minutes) or he can pay 1.99 in order to revive his entire party.


    Final Fantasy: All the Bravest contains some forty-odd microtransactions that extend the life of the game and how it can be played. Some of these microtransactions include "unlocking" titled characters from the series while others unlock "airship tickets" that let players travel to other worlds.

    Summon a Character

    This is based on luck and has not been confirmed yet if it is possible to unlock more than one of the same character.

    • $0.99 summons 1 of 35 characters to be usable in the player's party.

    Airship Tickets

    Hour Glass Packs

    • $0.99 - Hour Glass x3
    • $1.99 - Hour Glass x8
    • $2.99 - Hour Glass x20

    Unlockable Characters

    Characters (all are unlocked as the player levels up)

    • No.01 - Warrior (FF1)
    • No.02 - Knight (FF1)
    • No.03 - Mystic Knight (FFV)
    • No.04 - Monk (FF1)
    • No.05 - Thief (FF1)
    • No.06 - White Mage (FFV)
    • No.07 - Devout (FFIII)
    • No.08 - Black Mage (FFV)
    • No.09 - Magus (FFIII)
    • No.10 - Sage (FFIII)
    • No.11 - Red Mage (FFV)
    • No.12 - Blue Mage (FFV)
    • No.13 - Time Mage (FFV)
    • No.14 - Geomancer (FFV)
    • No.15 - Summoner (FFV)
    • No.16 - Berzerker (FFV)
    • No.17 - Viking (FFV)
    • No.18 - Samurai (FFV)
    • No.19 - Ninja (FF1)
    • No.20 - Dragoon (FFIII)
    • No.21 - Ranger (FFIII)
    • No.22 - Beast Master (FFV)
    • No.23 - Bard (FFIII)
    • No.24 - Dancer (FFV)
    • No.25 - Onion Knight (FFIII)

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