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A good game that's over entirely too quickly 1

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King can be thought of as SimCity set in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle’s universe.  The game starts with you arriving with your two advisor's at a town with no buildings, save for your castle.  Like most towns in the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle game, this one has a giant crystal sitting in the middle of it, which ends up talking to you and giving your character the ability to magically create buildings.  After completing a few tu...

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The little king that could. 0

Final Fantasy has been know to venture outside it's comfort zone and as such has led to either some good games or some semi bad games but with My Life As A King i'm happy to report that square was able to take their most beloved franchise and mix it with a simulation format and it worked beautifully. Your a tiny king who is tasked to rebuild an old kingdom and with the help of your side kicks and soldiers for hire you can conquered dozens of quests that each have their own reward. Story- My Li...

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Build Your Ultimate Kingdom! 0

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as King, or simply FFCCMLAK for a not so short abbreviation, developed by Square Enix was released in 2008 for Nintendo's WiiWare platform. At the time of release it was one of the first WiiWare games. Overall FFCCMLAK can be a fun and addicting game if you can get through some of the boredom associated with a kingdom building simulation game.The main premiss in FFCCMLAK is too rebuild your father's kingdom that was destroyed previously by the Dark Lord. ...

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The Score Whore Ultimate Review: FF:CC:My Life as a King 0

What makes a great game review?  Is it thoughtful analysis of the themes and meaning behind the game?  Is it a detailed list of flaws and successes in mechanics and presentation?Of course not!  It's the freaking SCORE!So here it is, The Score Whore Ultimate Review of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King for WiiWare.Graphics: 5/11Sound: 6/11Gameplay: 7/11Fun: 9/11Overall: 8/11* Scoring is on a scale of 0 to 11, because some games are Eternity's Child and some games are Super Mario...

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A strangely addictive suffering. 0

Overview An simple SimCity set in the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Universe. type game that puts the player in the role of the Little King.  The goal of the game is to  rebuild the city that your father ruled, but which was destroyed during the  Miasma.Plot OverviewThe game starts a few years after the Miasma of the original Crystal chronicles game has been cleared.  You, as the Little King have been wandering the world after the destruction of your fathers kingdom and his subsequent disapp...

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