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This story takes place on a small island. There is a chocobo farm on this island and the white mage Shirma looks after all of it’s inhabitants. Shirma’s friend Croma the black mage pays a visit to the farm after returning from one of his journeys. Clutched in his hand is a book and as the book is opened it’s malicious intent is known. The evil tome than begins to suck in the residents of the chocobo farm in and seal them into story books. And thus the journey to free your friend begins.


Game is played by competing against AI and going solo in various mini-games such as memory, card dueling, and white water rafting. Even the final boss is an extended game of air hockey. Mini-games are initiated by opening storybooks and selecting a mode. Through specific goal completion, rewards such as freeing chocobos, unlocking more mini-games, and opening up new areas are gained.

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