Great and mysterious Final Fantasy news!

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#1 Posted by Philosoma (167 posts) -

Now I know this is the FFIV forum, and us FFIV fans have gotten our remake after about 18 years of waiting - but what about the FFVII fans out there? Well, Square Enix is supposedly planning to make a HUGE EARTH SHATTERING announcement (lol) in early August regarding, you guessed it, Final Fantasy VII. What do you guys think? As for me, even if they didn't announce an FFVII remake, if they hinted at FFVI or gave out more info on FF Dissidia, I'd be a happy dude.

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#2 Posted by TrickyThumbs (6 posts) -

We'll see. I remain skeptical until it's announced.

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#3 Posted by Hyper_Hedgehog (89 posts) -

I severely doubt it.

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