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Classic Example of Early-Mid Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy IV (originally released as Final Fantasy II outside of Japan) centers around the main character Cecil, who senses his king has gone evil. The game does have chocobos. Cecil is a knight who is stripped of his title. Rosa is the main love interest for Cecil. The game uses the Active Time Battle system for battles, in which a gauge is filled up before a player can perform an action such as attack, magic, or summon. The enemies also have their own gauges. The music was composed beautifully by Nobuo Uematsu. In this game you can name the main character a name other than Cecil. The story and dialogue are done well. A major criticism I have of the Final Fantasy franchise is the lack of ability to save at any time. Generally, to save you have to be outside of towns, oceans, caves, and battles. Battles happen when you run into enemies (which you aren't able to see), but you have the ability to run away from most enemies. The game is enjoyable to play and is a good example of what the SNES and PlayStation era FF games are like. The story is interesting and well done, but I have enjoyed the stories of the other two Final Fantasy games I have played a little bit more (V and VII).

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