Need major help in FF9. Pandemonium Castle!

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I'll try not to spoil anything in this 11 year old game. 
I'm in Pandemonium, after all that TALKING and TEXT with Garland, I get to a part where all the party members return to save Zidane. Amarant and Freya join in a fight, then Zidane gets all emo and leaves, then he comes across Quina and Steiner in a fight. HOW THE HELL are you supposed to win this fight? I can't go back and level any of them up because they're all chilling in the inn in Bal Bran and I really don't want to have to go through 15 minutes of text to die in one hit again. I didn't use Quina at all because it is such a ridiculous character and I opted for using Freya over Steiner so both Quina and Steiner are level 30. Any tips? 
I'd also like to mention that the game was an absolute breeze so far and then I run into this problem. This is actually the first time I've died in the game.

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