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My Favorite Game of All Time 0

The last game in the series that was heavily influenced by Hironobu Sakaguchi, truly the FINAL fantasy written by the original creator. Going back to a fantasy setting.The game that came with my PS1, the first 3D RPG I've ever played. Probably the best characters I've ever seen in a video game, besides, after playing other games from the series, I was even more impressive how this one put a lot of memories together as well as great new things.The first couple of times I played, didn't manage to ...

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A perfect swansong for the series on PlayStation 0

As its name would suggest, Final Fantasy IX is the ninth instalment in the long-running RPG series from Squaresoft (now Square Enix) and the third game in the franchise to find its way onto Sony's PlayStation console. Its older brothers, FFVII and FFVIII, have both prided themselves on exploring new gameplay mechanics (the Materia and Junction systems respectively) and establishing the post-modern, semi-sci-fi RPG. In this respect, FFIX couldn't be further from them. Not only does it adopt the s...

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Great way to end the 'classic' Final Fantasy line. 0

This game is hard for me to review. On one hand my heart says it's a 9 on the other hand my head says it's an 8. This game is all about heart and emotions and is very nostalgic for fans of the older Final Fantasy games, especially the NES ones and the first two on the Snes. The setting of the game is back to the medieval tone of the pre-FF6 Final Fantasy's, and it's a nice change. I've always been more of a fan of that setting than of the Industrial settings Square seems to cherish lately. Bl...

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This game completely deserves to sit at the big kids table with F 0

Lost somewhere in the shuffle of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy IX had the unwanted privilege of coming out near the end of the PS1's life cycle and only days after the release of the PS2. Being pushed to the back burner by many players still doesn't take away from the fact that FFIX, in the end, is a great game for the series, the pinnacle of the FF series on the PlayStation platform, and easily one of the most well rounded "old school" turn based RPGs of all time. The plot is straigh...

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The best of both the old school games and the modern entries. 0

It seems that the more Final Fantasy progresses, the further it gets from its roots. As time passes, each game loses more of what made many fans fall in love with the series in the first place. Square made Final Fantasy IX in order to ensure that nobody forgets the traditions and origins of the series. The result is an enjoyable RPG that combines the old school feel of the NES games with the cinematic presentation of more recent games. The game starts with Zidane, an Aladdin-esque street urchin/...

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FF: A Celebration 0

  The main character this time around is Zidane, a good natured bandit with a monkey's tail. At the beginning of the story Zidane is on an airship as part of a theater crew/pirate gang whose leader is a bearded pig-man with purple skin. Zidane and company are headed for Alexandria, a fortified city perched on the edge of a thousand-foot waterfall. In Alexandria, you meet an amnesiac black mage, Vivi, and a beautiful young princess, Garnett, whose mother looks like the leader of those evil blue...

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Final fantasy 9 0

This is my first review and i am totally psyched because this is one of my favorite games. Well first off i will talk about the graphics. For a PS1 game the graphics were fantastic!!! I myself have played many PS1 games, and the graphics on this baby were godly. Not just during game play mind you but the cut scenes...... make me want to cry every time i see them. Square Soft did an excellent  job on this game.Up next i will talk about the story and characters. the main story for Zidane is to fin...

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One of the best games I have every played! 0

Final Fantasy IX was one of the first games I remember playing as a kid. My cousin taught me how to play and from then on, 100 hours + of my life was gone(well spent though). Even though this game seems old now, it is still one of the best games to date. The story is so compelling and so character driven that it will keep you interested all the way through. The gameplay is also very unique. With their turn-based battle system, it works very well with the story. The soundtrack is one of the best ...

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A Delight 0

More than anything this game just makes me happy. Part of it is nostalgia I'm sure, but I played through the game again recently and I like it even more now than I did when I was younger. The characters, the world, the story, everything about it is so charming. That's not to say the game is all sunshine; plenty of tragic shit happens, but because of the characters it feels more like you're on an adventure rather than an arduous journey to save the world like many RPGs. Toward the end the game do...

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The Return of the classic 0

I liked final fantasy vii and viii but not quite as much as i did ix.  It was obvious to me that  vii and viii were in a more sci fi setting to appeal to america. Final Fantasy IX on the other hand is much more like old final fantasy knights black mages princesses you name it they're all there. I liked this more than be the sci fi settings of the previous 2 games. I also prefer the characters of this game zidane was a little cliche but vivi was awesome. There were many funny characters in this g...

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