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A worthy divergence to the Final Fantasy name. 0

Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance (Henceforth referred to as FFT) is a great game, you should know that up front. The disjointed worlds created by Square Enix might not necessarily translate so easily to a handheld device, but the tactics formula is a good one, mirroring things like Disgaea, and Fire Emblem, helping to create a wildly different, yet wholly satisfying style in which to experience the Final Fantasy brand.  The game focuses around 2 main characters, namely Marche and Mewt, as the two ...

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Good but far below expectations 0

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is the strategy game starring four friends, each troubled by real-life problems, who read an incantation found in a strange book in the small town of St.Ivalice.  Reading the children’s hearts, the enchanted book transforms the sleepy town into the Final Fantasy world of Ivalice, where their dreams become reality.  Some of them decide to stay in the fantasy world to escape their troubles, but Marche decides he must face reality.  To do so he must destroy the ...

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA) Review 0

Marche Radiuju is a new student at a school in the town of St. Ivalice. During a quick snowball fight in school, he quickly befriends two other students named Ritz and Mewt, who each have their own set of troubles. After school that day, the trio of friends decides to hang out at Marche’s house. Mewt brings along his copy of a strange book that he recently bought, and the three of them, along with Marche’s ill brother Doned, become enthralled by the mysterious tome. Later that night while Marche...

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hours of fun 0

I really love this game. I have to admit, I'm a little partial to squre-enix, and loved tactics for ps1. So I was predisposed to enjoy this game. I think that despite my common inclination toward ff-related games, ffta is a worthy game in-and-of-itself.The main reason I loved this game was the enjoyable battles. I think they got a lot right with the mechanics, especially range of attack, and movement. There are a ton of different battle sequences, and a lot of them are vastly different from onea...

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FFTA is one of the best RPGs on the GBA. 0

I'm a hardcore Final Fantasy Tactics fan.  I bought Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1 the week it was released.  When I heard about Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, I was pretty excited.  When I read all the negative opinions on the game, I was pretty disappointed.  I still ended up buying the game, and you know what? I LOVE it.  It might not re-create that same nostalgic feelings I have with Final Fantasy Tactics, but it's a FUN game with a very deep job structure.  Which I believe is one of the...

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