Losing hope for localization

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Just saw a blog by Jeremy Parish on 1UP that's depressing me further about the hope for an English release.

and no less than four people I talked to at TGS (both inside and outside of Square Enix) made it very clear that the English version of Type-0 is moribund, at least in its current form (again, for reasons).

While that does indeed confirm that some sort of localization is in the process, the rise of the Vita means the likelihood that they'll continue with a PSP localization decreases with each day. Personally, I don't intend on buying a Vita so I'd be pretty sad if this got released as a Vita game instead, assuming it gets an English release at all.


Link to original article: http://www.1up.com/do/blogEntry?bId=9114494

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I figure they'll bring it over eventually, though probably not for the PSP - it can't really support a major release like this outside Japan. But with stories of how Square Enix Japan is currently pouring massive amounts of resources into saving Final Fantasy XIV, while the Kingdom Hearts HD collection apparently had to make do with just two guys, it will probably take a while.

Maybe they'll start once Final Fantasy X HD is out the door...

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#3 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

I don't see why of all JRPGs this one shouldn't get a localization. It's Final Fantasy goddamit, the name sells.

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#4 Posted by egg (1667 posts) -

I think it will come to US but not likely on PSP and not likely anytime soon.

Maybe after Type-0 2 and 3 are released, there will be a Type-0 collection containing all 3, for Vita, or PS4. That's the kind of time frame I think we're looking at here.

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From Gamespot:

Will FF Type-0 be localized for North America and Europe? If so, when?

Due to market reasons, we are taking a clean slate in terms of our plans. We feel strongly about bringing this title to the fans in North America and Europe, so if an opportunity arises that can become a conclusive factor, we are prepared to go into consideration right away.

Make of that what you wish...

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