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A gem lost in its own time, Final Fantasy V is a stellar RPG. 0

In the three years between the release of Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI (known as Final Fantasy II and III in the US), Squaresoft made the decision not to release Final Fantasy V to North America. They felt that the gameplay was too complex and wasn’t accessible enough for the western world. This is a real shame, because the depth of FFV’s character customization is its greatest asset and keeps it from being just an also-ran in the franchise. Some installments of the Final Fantasy serie...

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Worth the wait 0

Final Fantasy 5 was a 16-bit buried treasure, taunting non-Japanese gamers in magazine previews with the likes of Dragon Quest 5 and 6 back in the early ’90s. Fortunately, Squaresoft saw fit to release the game in English on the PlayStation in 1999, seven years after its debut on the Super Famicom. It would take another seven years for the game to see its most complete English release, on the Gameboy Advance, in 2006. It was one of the first games to be translated by rom-hacking fans, ...

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Exdeath was the best tree based villain ever. 0

High school is an awkward time for most folks. Especially for chubby, acne ridden teenage types such as myself at the time. Luckily for me, my school's "bullys" were actually undercover nerds, allowing me to bribe them off with video game lendings. Hell, they even gave me some games back ( I still have a copy of one of them folk's Chrono Cross somewhere). Regardless, it's hard to convince folks (and by folks, I mean the nerdbullies in question) to give some games (and by some games, I mean the f...

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Great Story, Classic FF Game 0

Final Fantasy V is a story about Bartz, a wanderer, who meets up with an old man with a fighting spirit and a lady who is looking for her father. They are all on a mission to protect the remaining three crystals (one of the crystals could not be protected early in the game). This game introduces the job system, in which the playable characters can each have their own special attributes and abilities. Each of the characters can take on any of the jobs. Some of the special abilities that the jobs ...

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