Best FF3 (NA Ver.) Party Member

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Poll: Best FF3 (NA Ver.) Party Member (139 votes)

Terra Branford 16%
Locke Cole 8%
Celes Chere 16%
Edgar Figaro 13%
Sabin Figaro 27%
Cyan Garamonde 3%
Shadow (+ Interceptor) 7%
Gau 2%
Setzer Gabbiani 2%
Strago Magus 0%
Relm Arrowny 0%
Mog 1%
Gogo 2%
Umaro 0%
Vanish + Doom 3%

First time playing this game. Let's see who wins the popularity contest.

EDIT: My bad it's FF6 for NA. I get this confused a lot.

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#1 Posted by saispag (134 posts) -

Wrong game duder, you want FF6

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#2 Posted by Justin258 (15587 posts) -

Yeah at this point everyone calls it FF6.

Also, I don't have a single favorite.

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#3 Edited by DoubleCakes (34 posts) -

I was ready to pick Onion Kid #3

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#4 Posted by blackichigo (433 posts) -

My choice was between Sabin or Locke. I ultimately picked Sabin because he suplexes trains.

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#5 Posted by TheFlamingo352 (333 posts) -

Sabin and Shadow were my favourite to take into battle, but Celes was always my favourite for story moments like the opera and the beginning part of the World of Ruin.

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#6 Posted by MajorMitch (1157 posts) -


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#7 Posted by htr10 (1027 posts) -

Interceptor without Shadow would run away with this poll.

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#8 Posted by yyninja (104 posts) -

In terms of gameplay definitely Sabin, he's incredibly OP once you get his final Blitz.

Storywise, I'm split between Celes and Locke.

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#10 Posted by imhungry (1100 posts) -

Sabin's fun to use and all but really the game is secretly about Celes.

Also, I get that you're referring to the game as FF3 because that's probably what you originally knew it as but that doesn't magically make this the correct forum.

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#11 Edited by ghost_cat (2240 posts) -

Sabin turns a JRPG into a fighting game. DAYUM.

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#12 Posted by ratamero (386 posts) -

Huge Gau fan.

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#13 Posted by j_unit2008 (308 posts) -

I kinda struggled with this one because I really think the cast of characters is really strong both from a story and gameplay perspective. I went with Cyan because his sword abilities are rad and I loved the ghost train section with him.

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#14 Edited by TheFlamingo352 (333 posts) -

@ratamero: Gau fan? You mean the wild child? I always understood that he was pretty unpopular, curious to know why you liked him.

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#15 Posted by GundamGuru (786 posts) -

I remember really connecting with Celes as a result of the plot. Terra and Locke never felt quite as relatable. I also feel like I missed out with how everybody loves Shadow, Sabin, and suplexing trains. I never used them back in the day. I mained Locke, Terra, Edgar, and Celes for most of the game, from what I recall.

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#16 Edited by JoeDangerous (560 posts) -
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@saispag: Sorry about that. I've been staring at the SNES mini interface that shows this, so I CONSTANTLY get them confused as I've been looking at boards for the game.

Wow I didn't know Sabin was so loved. Might have to check him out. I just did the haunted Jidoor event and found out (I think) I lost out on getting Shadow so that's a bummer.

EDIT: forgot to add that I'm actually a big Mog and Terra fan right now. Her morph ability is bananas.

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#17 Posted by cloudymusic (2113 posts) -

I always liked Edgar for general purpose stuff, at least in the first half of the game. Autocrossbow and Chainsaw are both good, and you can just load him up with magic (like you can anyone) to cover any other roles you want him to cover.

I never used Sabin *that* much because I would always get annoyed by the rare random failed Blitz input, which always seemed to happen during the most clutch moments.

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#18 Posted by Slag (8155 posts) -

I liked Locke for his character arc, the fact he steals stuff and his general aesthetic

Lot of great characters in that game though. Liked them all, well maybe not Umaro

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#19 Posted by TobbRobb (6568 posts) -

I'm a fucking sucker so I voted for Celes.

But yeah this is a great roster of party members. I like pretty much all of them. Sabin is awesome he has such a fun combat gimmick and he's just nice kid.

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#20 Edited by Tom_omb (1073 posts) -

Where's Wedge and Biggs? ... you know, the protagonists!

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#21 Posted by Rejizzle (1083 posts) -

Terra. Mostly just because her theme is dope.

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#22 Posted by Rastopher (80 posts) -

Locke has the highest end game damage potential because he's the only character that an equip both defense ignoring weapons (Valiant Knife and Atma Weapon.) Paired with the Genji Glove and offering, nothing will survive an attack by him. Edgar is good with the jump relics because he can use spears which do more damage than other weapon types with jump. Pretty much anyone can destroy with magic, though I'll usually go with Terra or Celes for that because they can equip the Illumina + Paladin Shield which makes them completely untouchable and teaches Ultima.

If we're talking characters before endgame then I liked Edgar for his tools and Sabin for his Blitz techniques (I voted Vanish + Doom because I don't have a favorite.)

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#23 Posted by _Brojangles_ (129 posts) -

Locke is cool.

Everyone in FF6 is pretty cool though to be honest.

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