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#51 Posted by beforet (3474 posts) -

Looks great. The Turks are Good Hot Men and from what I can tell it looks like they are committing to the Avalanche crew having a greater presence than being around for a couple hours before dying.

Cloud turned into a frog and that was pretty dope ngl.

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#52 Posted by Casepb (776 posts) -

That new trailer was some incredible stuff. I was very impressed, everything just seemed perfect.

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#53 Posted by Efesell (4634 posts) -

I already follow too many great seeming projects that I don't fully believe will ever be finished.

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#54 Posted by Relkin (1222 posts) -

Seems like Sephiroth is going to be a larger part right from the get-go, huh. I'm curious if the Nibelheim flashback sequence happens in this first game. feels like cross-dressing is all but confirmed in this trailer.

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#55 Posted by TheHT (15890 posts) -

You know what, I was grinning ear-to-ear watching this latest trailer.

Imma have me a good time with this.

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#56 Posted by soimadeanaccount (635 posts) -

What are those shadowy stuff floating around, they teased it with the previous video with Aeris Aerith. Somehow the audio seems to be's not voice acting being bad or anything, the music feels off also, I won't say that they are bad, but something about them just sound like they don't match.

One way or another the Wall Market sequence will be a lightning rod...

I wonder how they will handle the Turks, they started sinister in the beginning, but later on they become push overs and comical even.

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#57 Posted by Relkin (1222 posts) -

@soimadeanaccount: I bet the Turk's won't be responsible for the destruction of sector 7. Like you said, they clearly tried to make them less villainous as the game went on, but it never really worked because they committed genocide like two hours into the game.

I suspect that Sephiroth will be responsible for both the spirits/monsters we saw as well as bringing down the plate and crushing S7, likely as a means of distraction so he can invade Shinra Tower and retrieve Jenova.

The Turk's will probably show up late to the party on the scaffolding around the support structure holding up the plate and mistakenly blame AVALANCHE for what's happening, assuming that they're merely escalating their attacks on the city.

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#58 Posted by Efesell (4634 posts) -

@relkin: I would really hope they wouldn't make a change like that.

It's sort of an important establishing moment for how terrible ShinRa is.

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#59 Posted by Relkin (1222 posts) -

@efesell: I suppose they could do both if the Turk's come to try and save the sector, but are directly ordered by President Shinra to evacuate. Even if Sephiroth ends up being responsible for it, you could still establish how evil Shinra is by having it's leader see the deaths of countless civilians as being an acceptable sacrifice in order to rid himself of AVALANCHE.

That also provides a defining moment for Reno and the gang. Disgust at themselves for following orders and failing in their duty, disgust at the President for issuing said orders, etc.

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#60 Posted by Efesell (4634 posts) -

@relkin: I mean I guess.. alternatively I don't know why it's required that they make the Turks a redeemable bunch.

They're eccentric but also supposed to be awful corporate secret police.

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#61 Posted by Relkin (1222 posts) -

@efesell: I agree, but Square has seemed intent on making them good guys for a while now. The antagonism turns to some weird respectful rivalry in the original game, and they straight-up ally themselves with them in the movie, Advent Children. I just think that's going to manifest in them rewriting history a bit in this remake.

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#62 Edited by soimadeanaccount (635 posts) -

I haven't even thought of them changing the story regarding the destruction of sector 7, but it is an interesting point. In the original FF7 Reno pressing the button himself is quite a big part of the story, follow up by an annoying boss fight which makes you really hate the guy and their bunch even for Shinra.

By the time Advent Children hits we literally have Rufus trying to make good about building trust in Shinra again plus Reno and Rude acting like total goofballs barely competent and not threatening.

Thematically showing Sephiroth early on is already quite a big revelation to me since the circumstantial and elusive involvement of him is the set up of the wild goose chase.

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