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FFVII is an experience you simply can't afford to miss

Final Fantasy VII is a superb rpg. Although it has noticeably aged since its initial release almost a decade ago, FFVII retains its impact and relevance by its compelling storytelling.

Gameplay -

Gameplay consists of classic turn-based gameplay. The levelling up system allows you to level up both your characters and your materia, which are spheres that increase your abilities, magic, skills, etc. All in all, it is engaging and addictive, once you get into it.

Graphics -

FFVII's graphical presentation was unprecedented back in the day, but it has since aged noticeably. This is a small price to pay for the impressive overall experience.

Sound -

FFVII features one of the greatest soundtracks ever recorded for a game. It is simply superb, and you may well find it endearing over time as I have.

Value -

This is a long and deep game, and the creators have put tremendous time and effort into the details. There is much to do besides the main story mission, and you will find it rewarding in this respect. The game's impressive production values as well as its memorable character and story make this an experience to be treasured.

Bottom line:

Even if you passed up on this game and feel it's too late to go back and play it, I would still strongly recommend giving this classic the benefit of the doubt. Final Fantasy VII is an experience you can't afford to miss.

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