How Final Fantasy VIII Changed my life

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@Verrayne said:

But it was because of this great game that I've been dating the woman of my dreams for the past 2 years! Tonight I'm getting her ring and will ask her to marry me this weekend. Were it not for this game it might never have happened.


I hope she says yes!

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That game also hit me at a pretty interesting time in my life. I think in our early teenage years we're more open to storytelling of that nature. We haven't yet become cynical bastards and can enjoy a cheesy, sappy love story like FFVIII. Good read. Makes me yearn for more innocent times.

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That FF8 academy was effing gorgeous and forever tainted my view of any real world institution. I got to Disc 3 before getting stuck and quitting.

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@Verrayne: Good luck with it! I look forward to an update on the proposal. :)

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@Verrayne: Fantastic! Congratulations!

I know you knew she would say "yes", but I'm sure it's still a relief to know know. ha. :)

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Final Fantasy VIII is a great game. And congratulations!

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@Verrayne: Congratulations!

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I had a similar experience but with FFVII, it was the first RPG I played and it blew my mind

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As an aloof, introverted teenager with abandonment issues who spent the majority of his time alone in his room wrapped up in his thoughts, Squall was something I'd never played as; myself. It wasn't until about five years later when I realized what was really going on in that game.

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Congratulations duder! As for my experience with FF8, I played it back when I was 11 years old. I was enjoying it up to the part where you had to find the White SeeD ship. I spent hours looking for that thing and ended up giving up.

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Awesome story, I'm happy for you and for your experience with FF8!

I had a similar 'breakthrough' with FF6 back in the days and while it's not related, I am happily married now.

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I love FFVIII; what a feel good thread. Hope we get some sort of remake/polish job on it soon to make it a bit more playable in the HD era.

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@Verrayne said:

She said yes ;)


congrats man!

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@Verrayne: I know it isn't Final Fantasy VIII, but it's close enough. Have you considered this for your wedding music?

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