"IF" a remake were to happen, what things would you like to see?

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#1 Posted by Battery_Dennis (10 posts) -

"IF" (not saying its going to happen, so please don't bring that up here and hijack the thread) Final Fantasy were to be updated or remade what sort of things would you like to see changed, enhanced etc.

Personally I would like to see:
1. The card game go online
2. The drawing system reworked so you can only draw a limited amount from each monster.

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#2 Posted by TheRowGow (64 posts) -

I'd agree with the above but also feel the junction system would need a look at as that system was far to simple to exploit.

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#3 Posted by nixon (35 posts) -

1. Fancy menus!
2. More internal dialogue.
3. More characters would be sweet, like the witch and Seifer could be secret ones to make them permanent, or those 3 dudes from the flashbacks. Whole new ones.
4. More spells and gfs for more options since this is  a remake and people have played it before.
5. I dont like how the game is easier if you dont level up.
6. Anything that makes the game harder doesn't peak my interest but more options would be fine.
7. There should be more games with internal dialogue like this game had.
8. I don't like how some GFs are easily missed.

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#4 Posted by NogginBot (29 posts) -

pretty much repeating Nixon but yeh: more GFs would be good...that'l look sick In next Gen.

The only thing i really didnt like was the leveling system so having that change would in my opinion be better.

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#5 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

I want to see a DS port with it as well.

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#6 Posted by Wolswor (247 posts) -

Weapons that actually are dropped or are found, once you enter the castle of the last boss don't make everything else impossible to go back to.

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#7 Posted by Ruisu (74 posts) -
TheRowGow said:
"I'd agree with the above but also feel the junction system would need a look at as that system was far to simple to exploit.
TOtally agree with that The Junction system was far to simple. But remember many people did complain about it being to complex which was strange IMO lol.

What I woudl love to see in the remake:
 1.Triple Triad online
   2. some good Voice actors for everyone
  I really dont know anything else that can make FFVIII better. I personally thing that it was perfect so if I could get a Next-Gen experience of FFVIII I would be happy as SHELL.
Oh snap I just remembered they could have the Chocobo minigame that was on the PSP (PlayStation Pocket) and do some remote play connectivity with the PSP (PlayStation Poryable) that woudl be awesome.
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#8 Posted by kidzombie (139 posts) -

Triple Triad Online would be awesome to have. As much as I liked Junction, yeah there are a few tweaks here and there that can be done to it.

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#9 Posted by Kiefer (21 posts) -

I guess I'd want it to remain mostly the same. I'd just want it on the 360 or PS3 so I could relive my past experiences with the game, just with incredible new graphics so my eyes don't bleed from the jagged edges of the PS1 version.
But yeah, Triple Triad Online would be fun.

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#10 Posted by the_robo_boogie (8 posts) -

obviously the next-gen graphics are a given, and hopefully the scenes are re-shot and somewhat re-scripted to have a heightened sense of drama, I think this story could work really well given a proper next-gen treatment.

gameplay-wise: on-screen battles would be nice as long as they are seamless and quick.

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#11 Edited by MrCynical (88 posts) -

I probably wouldn't want them to add voice acting. It would be like  dubbing new voices onto It's a Wonderful Life. If modern audiences mean they _have_ to include voice acting then I'd want an option to turn it off and just have the white-on-grey text boxes

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#12 Edited by powicewobots (110 posts) -

I wouldn't like to see a remake at all. I'm happy with the game how it is, it has a nice balance of gameplay, and of course the story is top notch. To be honest, with remakes game developers can't really win. It's incredibly difficult not to stray far away from the original (so you can appease the traditional fans of the game), while at the same time adding new features to make it interesting. That balance is difficult to achieve.

Of course it all centres around money, and remakes are often seen as an easy way to make a quick buck, no matter what the general consensus is towards their take on the original. The only area I think that they can improve on really is graphics, and I don't think that would be a sufficient reason to warrant a remake of any game.

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#13 Posted by MrCynical (88 posts) -

Since people seem to be agreed that the gameplay shouldn't change much if at all, I've come up with a list of minor tweaks from other games that I think could make the game better without actually changing it much:
a) The 'hidden interaction' exclamation mark from FFIX. I only realised how much I miss that when I was looking for Occult Fan I on my newest playthrough.
b) Remastered models, textures etc. - not redrawn, just given greater detail than was possible in the standard def era
c) Keep the FMV sequences - presumably they still have the original assets that the FMVs were rendered from, so (after the same updating as the ingame assets) it shouldn't be _too_ difficult to produce an HD copy of the originals
d) If they were to have in-game battles, still keep the screen flash sound and visual effects - they were great, and would be preferable to having the monsters jump out of walls or appear out of nowhere two feet away Tales of Symphonia-style

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#14 Posted by RVonE (4999 posts) -

I would want the exact same game including prerendered backgrounds, but I would want it to have a current-gen visual quality.

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#15 Posted by Coltonio7 (3214 posts) -

More Irvine, More Irvine, More Irvine, Less Quistis, More Irvine, Pimpin' Trains, Some New GF's, More Irvine, Make Ultemecia harder, More...Irvine

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#16 Edited by Endogene (5183 posts) -

i would like to have the evolution of the relation ship between squal and Rinoa better developed, you know some small story elements here and there to flesh it out better

edit: triple triad online

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#17 Posted by gunswordfist (583 posts) -

Drawing having a limit on a monster would be the LAST thing that would fix the system. They need to find a way to make drawing faster. Maybe an ability to draw say 25 or 50 magic at a time.

Anyway, what I want to see is a redone world after you travel through time. Instead of blocking off all the major cities/areas, they should let you go into future versions of them. Or their time distortion versions. And you should be...oh yeah didn't you fight some time distorted boss?! I just remembered that. I was going to say that they should let you play through the time travel, instead of watching a cutscene of it. They should let you play through said cutscene and combine thst with the time distorted boss.

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#18 Posted by Shadow (5321 posts) -

a better combat system.  The big reason why these games are so hard to go back to isn't that the graphics are so archaic, it's that the combat system is.  It has been improved upon soooooo much in the last 10 years, and I just don't think I can go back...as much as I'd like to since the second disk was unreadable so I was only able to play 1/4 of the story

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#19 Posted by jakob187 (22937 posts) -

A remake of FF8?  I'd like to see complete game deletion, to be honest.  I felt like this was one of the poorest installments to the franchise.  The Junction system was relatively bland and uninteresting when compared to the Esper system or even the AP crystal system in FF9.  The love story in it...*ugh*...was so tedious and badly implemented.  Squall was a weak, one-sided character when compared to previous iterations in the franchise (look at FF4 alone, and you'll see an entire cast that trumps him).  The graphics were great for the time, but the summons were rather lackluster.  Lastly, the story felt too stitched together with things happening that were ONLY there in order to progress the story, rather than feeling natural and organic like the better games in the franchise.  I'm not a fan of FF7 at all either, but that story at least flowed together for me.

I don't know, that may all be personal problems with the game, but it just really put an uneasy feeling in my stomach.
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#20 Posted by gunswordfist (583 posts) -
Shadow said:
"a better combat system.  The big reason why these games are so hard to go back to isn't that the graphics are so archaic, it's that the combat system is.  It has been improved upon soooooo much in the last 10 years, and I just don't think I can go back...as much as I'd like to since the second disk was unreadable so I was only able to play 1/4 of the story"

Even back then the junction/drawing system was extremely flawed. FF8 is my second favorite turn-based RPG but having to draw magic from a monster for about 15 minutes and have your stats go down when you use junctioned magic was extremely annoying.

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