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Living in the shadow of Final Fantasy VI, yet never as good as it 7

The second installment in any Final Fantasy “trilogy” always happens to be the odd one out. Often times, it will try to do something completely different from its predecessors, expand on a concept previously touched upon in earlier installments, or both. However, the tragedy is that in doing so, the game ends up average; not quite as good as the first in the trifecta, and definitely below the standards of the Final Fantasy to follow. Final Fantasy VIII, unfortunately, follows suit, but it a uniq...

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A Flawed Final Fantasy 0

 Final Fantasy VIII is a highly polarizing game, you either think that the love story and the unique game system is amazing and brilliant, or you think that the plot and game system are a broken mess.  Spoilers for this review, I fall into the latter: this game is fundamentally broken.While I could go on and create a wall of text, I think it best to just break it down into what is good and what is bad about this title.  First off, this game isn't a "bad game", there are plenty of Quest 64, Super...

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Final Fantasy VIII 2

Final Fantasy VIII is a game that has sparked a large amount of controversy. From those that consider it the sparkling pinnacle of the established series, to those that loathe it intently, it is clear that a game of this ilk must have some strong characteristics at the heart of it.Arguably the core component of the role-playing genre, a good story has been a staple tradition of the series, and you won't be left disappointed. Through the eyes of protagonist Squall Leonhart, a mercenary in trainin...

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FF: A Love Story 0

In the opening hours of the game the main character, Squall Lionheart, completes a mission to become a member of SeeD, a mercenary group created to fight sorceresses, who, in the world of Final Fantasy VIII, are as reviled as pirates in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.   After several missions as SeeDs, Squall and his pals realize one of their own team members, Rinoa, is being possessed by a time-traveling sorceress whose body is imprisoned near the moon. This is of course a ...

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Not "heartilly" recommended, but it gets a pass. 0

            After Final Fantasy VII was released, Final Fantasy became vastly more popular in the western world.  The eighth game, while similar in mechanics to the seventh and countless other Japanese RPGs, attempts to differ heavily in tone and story.  In doing so it becomes at least a memorable experience, if less than a fantastic game. The story of Final Fantasy VIII begins in a training facility for SeeD, which is a non-profit mercenary organization.  The detached Squall, the tale’s protago...

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Total letdown 0

Final Fantasy VII was my favorite game when I played FFVIII (and still is one of the best games of all time). My expectations for the next game in the series were higher then any game could realistically live up to, I admit that. But this game is the worst of the Final Fantasy series in my opinion. Here are the positives – Card game could land you valued items in the main quest and good graphics (although I have seen better for a PC game because the graphics were not updated from the Playstation...

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Gaming nirvana - you must play this game before you die! 0

Before I begin, let me make one thing clear: nothing I write here can do justice to such a massive game. Think San Andreas is big? This game is set over an entire planet (and yes you get to explore all of it). We're talking 60 hours minimum- and that's without doing any of the optional (and cool) sidequests like GF-hunting and those extremely nasty optional bosses (move over Emerald Weapon!). Bearing in mind that this is a PS1 game from the late 90s, don't expect awe-inspiring graphics, at lea...

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A Final Fantasy to be remembered 0

Story: You play as Squall, a student of balamb garden special mercenaries called SeeD. After your exams and and acceptance as a SeeD, you are handed your first real mission. A mission that will have an impact on the whole world and time itself.Final Fantasy VIII focus more on a deep plot than any Final Fantasy before or after it (FFXIV as of today), and if you value a great story, Final Fantasy VIII will not dissappoint you.Gameplay: Final Fantasy VIII is based on most of the rules from the prev...

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A Complete Materpiece 0

Final Fantasy VII certainly cast a large shadow, being considered widely to be the best video game ever created, and it's unfortunate that whatever game followed was all-but doomed to obscurity. But for those who saw it in it's uniqueness and weren't attempting futilely to compare it to other titles, there was a large and beautiful story to be experienced.The story focuses on Squall, a student at a military academy who is incredibly anti-social, but also very talented. You'll notice quickly that...

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The Romance Final Fantasy 0

If someone wanted a romance type RPG, this would be the game for it. It started out slow and awkward but things started to play out. I got to point out one thing though that the manual is misleading in a way. It gives a perceive notion that the game will be about two men. More specifically about Laguna and Squall. Not true. Take a good look at the image that is part of the Final Fantasy VIII title. Whoever did the design of the manual and such should've did a better job. (I really wish that Lagu...

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An experimental game that gets it right for the most part. 0

NOTE: This review was written by me over 10 years ago. I managed to dig it up from the void, and now I'm sharing it with the world!*****************SquareSoft's Final Fantasy series is arguably the most popular RPG series of all time. RPG gamers have come to expect greatness from each and every new installment in the series; Final Fantasy IV with its now-standard Active Time Battle system; FFV with its improved Job system (it first appeared in the Japan-only Final Fantasy III for the NES); FFVI ...

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Probably the most unique FF game in the main series 1

final fantasy VII was completely satisfying from start to finish. the level of polish and sophistication of this title are quite impressive. i've completed most ff games (including tactics), and this is my favorite so far. why? mainly story and battle system. the story is thoroughly engrossing, involving some of the most believable characters in the series. while some may discount the opening few hours as too teen soap opera-ish, they must not have a good sense of humor, nor see how important th...

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You must play this game... 0

The Final Fantasy series has been a legendary one. With each one having their own defining storyline, music, characters and combat systems. Final Fantasy VIII came out for the original PlayStation, but is still has far more depth and original gameplay than most of modern day RPGs. The game opens with a breathtaking cinematic, the music playing beautifully. We see the iconic scene where Squall (The player the character takes control of throughout most of the game) and Seifer give each other an a...

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Eerily aware of its own incredibility 0

Squall is nearing the end of his studies at Balamb Garden, a campus host to mercenary youths who study combat skills and magic as everyday course material. Here, girls can still be found gossiping in hallways, and boys picking fights over petty insecurities. For Squall, those childish urges leave him a scar, a nasty gash across the face from a rival classmate's gunblade, the weapon itself a true representation of the bizarre balancing act that is Final Fantasy VIII. Where realistic and familiar ...

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