Deep Listens: All Aboard the FF Paine Train: Part 3

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Let the sunshine in.
Let the sunshine in.

Deep Listens is a gaming podcast series I'm recording with a few of my friends. Every two weeks we pick and play a new game and then discuss it from a literary, philosophical, and game design perspective. Its kind of like a book club for video games. We try to dig as deep as we can on an individual game every episode so check it out!

In this episode, co-conductors Gino and Chris "ZombiePie" -REDACTED- take some listener questions, discuss chapters 3 and 4 of Final Fantasy X-2, and debut a new feature for future FFX-2 episodes. We take questions on the appropriateness of ketchup as a pasta sauce additive, the FF TCG, and Chris's absurd idea to perform a "Four Job Fiesta" during his first playthrough of FF5. We then make ourselves sad by talking about the many, many flaws of the middle sections of FFX-2. We wrap things up by finding love again during a concert in the rain. This game people. This fucking game.

Thanks to everyone who contributed questions for this episode! Next up, the grand Final-e!

All Aboard the FF Paine Train: Part 3


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