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Two great games, one half-cocked update 12

Let's get the truth bombs dropped right out of the gate - if you have easy access to the IA edition of Final Fantasy X, there's little point in buying this updated version of the game. The only updates you'll find here are some nicer facial animations and a few updated songs throughout the game. That's really about it. X-2 suffers from even less updatery - none, actually. These are still very much the games you got to play across the pond, with nothing here to justify the added cost.That sai...

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Despite being over a decade old, the FFX series still provides a fun and immersive JRPG experience. 0

Final Fantasy X is a game that brings back a lot of fond memories. It was by far my favorite game on the PS2, and I remember spending several hundred hours playing and replaying it. Everything from the story to the gameplay simply fascinated me back then, and seeing the difference between IX and X amazed me. Then we have X-2, a game which some think was completely unnecessary. While it indeed wasn't as serious as X, I still remember having a lot of fun with it, and found its easy going nature qu...

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Awesome package! 0

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is a glorious thing. Both games were fun on PS2, and these are their definitive versions. The music is done very well and the graphics are beautiful.Final Fantasy X is my favorite game of all time. It has an amazing story, it's fun to play, and it has wonderful music. It's not perfect; it has a number of annoying side quests/mini games (Catcher Chocobo, anyone?), and the acting/writing is a little corny at times. It also takes a few hours to really get sucked into...

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