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    Final Fantasy XI Online: Wings of the Goddess

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 20, 2007

    The fourth expansion in the Final Fantasy XI Online series adds new areas along with the ability to go back in time. Wings of the Goddess also introduces two new jobs to the game.

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    Armored Chocobos
    Armored Chocobos

    • Players allowed to travel back in time with 6 new regions
    • 12 new adversaries
    • 2 new job classes: Dancer and Scholar

    New Areas

    • The Aragoneu Front
      • Meriphataud Mountains (S)
      • Castle Oztroja (S)
      • Sauromugue Champaign (S)
      • Garlaige Citadel (S)
    • The Derfland Front
      • Beadeaux (S)
      • Crawlers' Nest (S)
      • Pashhow Marshlands (S)
      • Rolanberry Fields (S)
      •  Vunkerl Inlet (S)
    • The Gustaberg Front
      • Bestok Markets (S)
      • North Gustaberg (S)
      • Grauberg (S)
      • Ruhotz Silvermines
    • The Norvallen Front
      • Batallia Downs (S)
      • Jugner Forest (S)
      • La Vaule (S)
      • The Eldime Necropolis (S)
    • The Ronfaure Front
      • South San d'Oria (S)
      • East Ronfaure (S)
      • Everbloom Hollow
    • The Sarutabaruta Front 
      • Windurst Waters (S)
      • West Saurtabaruta (S)
      • Fort Karugo-Narugo (S)
      • Ghoyu's Reverie
    • The Fauregandi Fron
      • Beaucedine Glacier (S)
    • The Valdeaunia Front
      • Xarcabard (S)
      • Castle Zvahl Baileys (S)
      • Castle Zvahl Keep (S)
      • Throne Room (S)
    • Unknown Region
      • Walk of Echoes

    New Jobs

    Dancer in game
    Dancer in game

    Dancer (DNC)

    The Dancer job is a good addition to Final Fantasy XI Online due to the fact they can heal and enfeeble monsters.  Using TP the Dancer can preform healing and additional effects that can be used on the monster they are fighting.  Their Jig ability is good to do damage to the enemy.

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          Scholar ingame

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    Scholar (SCH)
    Using either the Light or Dark Arts the Scholar is another good magic (tactician) job addition to Final Fantasy XI Online.  Scholars can play any number of roles that include nuker, healer, support or enfeebling and crowd control.

    Campaign Battle

    Campaign Battle Near Windurst
    Campaign Battle Near Windurst

    Campaign Battles are a new addition to Final Fantasy XI.  Since the release of this expansion pack Campaign Battles have grown in popularity rather quickly.  Campaign Battles consist of strongholds or forts that an enemy force control.  The job of the adventures is to either defend or takeover the enemies strong hold.  Depending on the situation the battles can be very fierce or can be over with rather quickly.  The objective is to eliminate all attacking or defending beastman.  Once the challenge is met the adventures are rewarded with exp (experience points) and Allied Notes.  The Allied Notes are another addition to this expansion.  Theses notes can be used to buy temporary items at the stronghold if your nation controls that stronghold.  Allied Notes can also be used to buy weapons and armor at a vendor.  Another use of the Allied Notes is to buy your Campaign Sigil.  This Sigil is a buff that is put on your character that can enhance food, the ability to obtain Allied Notes when fighting experience points mobs.  The duration of the Sigil depends on the metals you have obtained in the Allied Campaign.  See Medals.
    Campaign Battle Orcs
    Campaign Battle Orcs

    Campaign Operations

    Campaign Operations is another addition in Final Fantasy XI Wings of the Goddess expansion.  These Campaign Operations are quests or missions that the player can get based off of the Metals they gain in the Campaign Battles.  These quests also gain you points to earn more medals if the task is completed successfully.  You can obtain these Campaign Operations at the Campaign Ops NPCs.  There is one located in each major nation of Vana'diel.  Also you must be signed up for one of the Nations in the Allied Campaign to participate in the Campaign Operations.  Once signed up a player will obtain 1 Ops Credit automatically.  After 24 hours the player will receive another Op Credit.  You can obtain a maximum of 7 Ops Credits at any given time.  The credits are used to get the mission orders.  Most orders cost one credit.  Once you spend the credit the credit is lost no matter if you cancel the mission or fail the mission.  You will need to wait until you obtain another credit or spend another credit to redo a mission.  All of the Campaign Operations mission will give you a reward in exp ( experience points) and Allied Notes.  However you must be level 10 or higher to obtain experience points in the Campaign Operations missions.  Each mission will vary in experience points gained and allied notes received.

    A simple list of Campaign Operations are

    • Resource procurement
    • Supply transport
    • Security
    • Supply manufacture
    • Offensive operations
    • Defensive operations
    • Intel gathering
    • Military training


    Medals are another addition to this expansion pack.  Medals can be obtained every five real time days or 120 hours.  You must speak to the Evaluations NPC in the Nation you pledged allegiance to.  After a few questions the Evaluations NPC ask if you have accumulated enough points from Campaign Battles and Campaign ops you will receive a new medal.  There are 5 categories for each Medal, Ribbon, Star, Emblem, Wings, and Medal.  Each category has 4 medals in them. 

    Ribbon's include Bronze Ribbon of Service, Brass Ribbon of Service, Allied Ribbon of Bravery, and Allied Ribbon of Glory.  Stars include Bronze Star, Sterling Star, Mythril Star, and Golden Star.  Emblem includes Copper Emblem of Service, Iron Emblem of Service, Steelknight Emblem, and Holyknight Emblem.  Wings include Brass Wings of Service, Mythril Wings of Service, Wings of Integrity, and Wings of Honor.  Finally Medals include Starlight Medal, Moonlight Medal, Dawnlight Medal, and Medal of Altana.  Each medal has a ∮ next to it.  So for example a Bronze Ribbon of Service looks like Bronze Ribbon of Service ∮, and the Brass Ribbon of Service ∮∮.  So for the last medal in the Emblem category it would look like Allied Ribbon of Glory ∮∮∮∮.

    Medals are used to evaluate the adventures status in the Allied Campaign.  Higher the medal the more potential of a higher reward after completing a mission or a Campaign Battle.  You will obtain more experience points and allied notes in Campaign Battles.

    It is possible to lose your Medals though if you don't evaluate you status every 30 real life days.  You will have to recharge a medal if you fail or don't evaluate after 30 days.

    Freelance NPCs

    Freelance NPCs or Headhunting is a new addition to this expansion pack.  This addition adds the ability for an adventure to talk to certain NPCs and recruit that NPC to join the fight in the Campaign Battle.  There are certain requirements to get that NPC to join, but if met the benefit to a fight helped greatly.  The NPCs influence to the armies will make them stronger and might even help the army set up extra force to have the NPC lead them to battle.  Freelancers will influence the weeks tally for your nation.

    New Adversaries










     Gargoyle / Ruszor
     Gargoyle / Ruszor



    Wings of the Goodess  OST
    Wings of the Goodess  OST
    The Wings of the Goddess soundtrack was released on April 23, 2008
    1. March of the Allied Forces
    2. Flowers on the Battlefield
    3. Roar of the Battle Drums
    4. Autumn Footfalls
    5. Griffons Never Die
    6. Clash of Standards
    7. Echoes of a Zephyr
    8. Thunder of the March
    9. Encampment Dreams
    10. The Cosmic Wheel
    11. Stargazing
    12. On this Blade
    13. Young Griffons in Flight
    14. Run Maggot,Run!
    15. Cloister of Time and Souls
    16. Royal Wanderlust
    17. Under a Clouded Moon
    18. Where Lords Rule Not
    19. Kindred Cry
    20. Snowdrift Waltz
    21. Troubled Shadows
    22. Wings of the Goddess
    23. Iron Colossus
    24. Ragnarok
    25. An Invisible Crown


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