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    Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Mar 26, 2013

    Final Fantasy XI's fifth full expansion pack. Includes two new jobs, areas, and lore to the nearly 11 year old MMO.

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    Final Fantasy XI Online: Seekers of Adoulin is the fifth full expansion pack for Final Fantasy XI Online. It was released on the PlayStation 2 (Japan Only), Xbox 360 and Windows.

    The new expansion takes players to the western continent of Ulbuka, and it's capital of Adoulin. There, players will try to reclaim the land outside of the city walls which have become areas of extreme danger, and enormous beasts.

    New Jobs

    The game introduced two new jobs.


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    Utilizes “Geomancy” to support party members as well as using elemental magic to attack foes. You experience the true power of Geomancy by utilizing job specific bells, which will strengthen the effects accordingly.

    There exist two main facets to geomancy:

    • Indicolure Spells - These emanate from the Geomancers themselves, and act in the same way a "Aura" effects do on certain piece of equiment.

      Indicolure Spell Examples:

      ・Indi-Voidance: Enhances evasion for party members near the caster.

      ・Indi-Paralysis: Paralyzes enemies near the caster.

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      Geocolure Spells - These spells emanate from a Luopan, and can olnly be cast when the player's main job is set to Geomancer. (Luopan act as the epicenter for special spherical fields termed "colures." These mystical emanations can be deployed anywhere upon the earth in order to activate geocolure spells.)

      Geocolure Spell Examples:

      ・Geo-Fury: Enhances attack for party members within area of effect.

      ・Geo-Torpor: Reduces evasion for enemies within area of effect.

    Rune Fencer

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    Quick with a blade, as well as incantation, these versatile duelists employ the power of arcane runes to swing the tide of battle both offensively and defensive.

    - Their exceptional magic defense and elemental resistance put them squarely in the tank category, along with paladins and ninjas.

    Two broad categories round out their runic arsenal:

    - Element-based runes add elemental damage to attacks and increase resistance to certain elements.

    - Enchantment-based runes increase either the fencer's attacking prowess or their ability to defend.

    - Rune fencers will possess versatile abilities like one that cuts the duration of the next enhancing magic spell cast on them by half, but in turn amplifies the spell's effect 1.5 times, and another that erects a barrier that reduces magic damage.

    Instanced Dungeons

    Those seekers who are able to reconstruct statues from assorted fragments scattered throughout the Ulbukan wilds may just find that they affect the fearsomeness of their foes, the size of the environs, the amount of reapable rewards and other aspects of these perilous dungeons.

    Mog Gardens

    Players will be able to fish, grow crops, mine for minerals, raise and shear sheep, and more on their own personal plots of land on the new continent.

    This feature will be made available in a later version update.


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