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Sorely Underrated and Underappreciated 2

Final Fantasy XII is the first single-player game in the long-running Japanese RPG series to diverge from the classic turn-based combat and take a more innovative Western approach to RPG gameplay.  Drawing inspiration from such titles as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, World of Warcraft, the original Baldur's Gate series on PC, as well as past Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy XII creates a unique play experience that combines the best of traditional Japanese RPG's and Western PC RPG's...

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The best game in the series 3

When discussing FFXII, I occasionally see criticism for how it "didn't feel like a Final Fantasy game".This has always confused me. I must admit, I don't truly understand what is necessary to be a Final Fantasy game other than the title. Looking at the series as a whole, the only connections I can find between them are purely superficial ones, such as crystals, chocobos, airships, and a guy named Cid. FFXII has all of these, so I don't understand the conflict. That said, I can accept the possibi...

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Simply the greatest game 0

The best game i have ever boughtStory- A waging war between two cities and Dalmasca is right in between the war. A young boy named Vaan goes through cities, jungles to find the truth of what happened to his brother. The story will take upto 40-50 hours.Gameplay- A new design of the gameplay battle system, real time battles occur instead of random battles. Also a licence board which can improve the characters deeply than before and also a new gambit system so you can control your characters more ...

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A great Final Fantasy game, even if it doesn't match its legendary predecessors. 2

In the Final Fantasy series, certain rules of gameplay must be applied. The action must always take place on a separate battlefield. The characters must level up according to their established class. The world map must be empty except for invisible enemies that appear at random. Well, what if there was a Final Fantasy game that took these established formulas…and tossed them out the window? What you get is Final Fantasy XII, the oddball of the series in terms of gameplay. And you know what? It a...

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Politics, wars, orphans. Is this game as light as the older ones? 1

FF XII is a much more mature game than the previous FF games. FFs from X-2 below, all centered in simple plot lines, with a few plot changes, or the common "Hidden Evil" that has been the center of 90% of FFs. FF XII takes the thing to another level, it has a story that its more like a critic to human beings, those who did the Fafnir Hunt may have realized this. I understood this from the beginning of the game. I realized that there was not going to be much character development, since here, the...

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An average Fantasy... 2

   Let's be straight before I begin this review, the Final Fantasy series is awesome and has delivered quality entries for years, starting from the very first up to around the tenth game. That's pretty good, not many game series can claim to maintain their quality for such a long period of time. My favorites will undoubtedly be the games that came out during the Playstation years, whether it's because those are the games that came out when I was into J-RPGs the most or because they really are th...

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Final Fantasy XII review 0

Now,I'm a huge fan of the Final Fantasy games,but Final Fantasy XII has a mixed bag of reactions,most people say this game is terrible and is the worst game in Final Fantasy history (those people probably never played Final Fantasy Mystic Quest).but I honestly think FFXII is under rated to some degree.The story is about Vaan,who dreams of being a airship pilot,the story is more detailed then that,but in all honesty,I couldn't tell you without pointing out how flawed the story is,the story is bo...

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The new combat is fun, but doesn't hold up for 60+ hours 0

 Final Fantasy makes the jump to Real-time battles in this installment. I was skeptical at first about a change in the traditional combat system that made the series for 10 games, but once you give it a chance it can really suck you in. If you disliked the turn-based combat of the previous games this should be a very nice breath of fresh air. Unfortunately Square Enix didn't really test how well this system holds up for the length of the game, which clocks well over 60 hours. About half way thr...

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Great, but flawed game 0

I played Final Fantasy XII (and beat it) just this year in 2010, I had been putting it off for a while, but was extremely glad I finally got the motivation to play through it.  For a PlayStation2 game, the graphics are very good, and the game really does have a fantastic visual style.The new combat system is actually a lot of fun, and not being sucked into random battles was definitely a welcome change for the series.While the game did do a very good job of developing the game world, they really...

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New approach, familiar roots 0

When you first think of Final Fantasy, you expect an immersed and deep roleplaying experience that is created by its fun gameplay and stellar graphics and presentation. This time around, the creators of FF12 take a different approach to the gameplay and storyline which results in an interesting position. The story, is unlike the previous counterpart FFX, it involves a more darkening plot and mood as a princess, Ashe, strives to take revenge upon the empire that wronged her. In a more political ...

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A pretentious game that's "too good" to be controlled by you. 2

Back in 1987, a small company named Square released Final Fantasy, an RPG that they had put all their sweat and blood into as the note they'd go out on. Who knew the series would become such a success? The series would go on to spawn many games, spinoffs, and even its own rock band. Almost every entry in the series (spinoffs included) is highly anticipated by the fans and becomes an instant classic, beloved by critics and gamers alike. However, the latest entry in the series, Final Fantasy XII, ...

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Very mixed bag. 0

I just began playing this game again seeing as I never got around to finishing it despite pouring over 60 hours into it. I counted down the days to this title, nervous of the newly created battle system but trusting in the sureness of a fabulous, immersive story populated with memorable characters. What I actually received was somewhat different. As a veteran of Final Fantasies since the very first, I was shocked by the lack of depth in the story and ultimate blandness of it as a whole. There...

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A game that i feel went in the wrong direction 0

If you actually remember 2004’s Final Fantasy’s Online also classed as Final Fantasy 11, you will certainly remember the disappointment when the game hit shelves and you played it for the first time. Again for Square Enix’s 12 editions to the series, Final Fantasy XII’s disappointment gushes from this game, from the moment you press start to the moment the end credits role. Die Hard Final Fantasy fans will be disappointed to hear that the greatly loved classic battle system of the previous game...

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The closest connection to Final Fantasy is the title 1

The latest entry into the numerical FF series is, in short, a disappointment. There are various things wrong with it, and in terms of style, it doesn't resemble the previous FF games at all. On the positive side, the game is somewhat playable and pretty fun at times, has relatively good voice acting, and is also one of the greatest looking games on the PS2 if not the greatest. However, due to the series' previous accomplishments and the current quality of other RPG brands, it's surprising how re...

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Tragically Flawed 2

Final Fantasy XII Tragically Flawed.   A new core Final Fantasy title is always a massive event and this was especially true of XII. Coming on the heels of the wonderful FFX (XI was a MMORG), expectations were exceedingly high. What finally appeared was a game that successfully innovated and improved on gameplay, but collapses under the weight of a pondering, poorly executed story. Set in the world of Ivalice, FFXII puts us in the shoes of Vaan, a street urchin from the distinctly Middle-Eas...

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What a dissapointment 0

I have never been more disappointed by game ever that Final Fantasy 12. i had such high hopes for it. Instead a got this mess of an rpg that bears the Final Fantasy name. My major issue with the game is that it is not friendly at all for newcomers to the series with complicated battle mechanics and a mess of a story . Now don't get me wrong I loved Final fantasy 10 which is one of my favorite PS2 games of all time. Now when you play a Final fantasy game you expect 2 things. 1: A good combat syst...

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Final Fantsy XII review 0

Final fantasy is a great game if i say it or not. Square Enix has been making this game series for a long while but, still people love it for what it is a great role playing game. The combat system in this game is very different then final fantasy X, its more organized and very vivid to the gamers. monsters are very nicely setuped that the game gets more intresting. yeah, the game is big but, that what makes the ame more interesting. there are lots, i mean lots of hidden games inside the game. t...

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An easy candidate for 'PS2 game of the year 2006' 0

Final Fantasy XII provides the best RPG action in today’s games. Despite a relatively poor performance by Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII truly lives up to the expectations of many fans worldwide. The game follows the day-to-day activities of a young boy named Vaan whose ambition is to become a sky pirate. As the days pass by and the Imperial rule starts to strengthen, Vaan decides to sabotage an operation. Well everything ends up an entire mess and soon after your found locked up alongsi...

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XII isn't perfect, but the overall game lives up to the franchise 0

FFXII is a highly well-crafted RPG that any fan of the genre should enjoy. I'll evaluate the game category by category. The combat system (called gambits) is unique from other games in the series in that you program a lot of the characters' actions before battle. This can be confusing at first, but once you learn how to use it, it cuts out a lot of the micro-managing of past games. You can also stop the game to enter commands as well. However, the downside to the system is that magic is too wea...

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Will this truly be THE final fantasy? Nope 0

Final Fantasy 12 marches right into unknown territory by offering a plot so thick with politics you would enjoy watching Prime minister of Canada Stephen Harper analyze the Canadian budget more than trying to understand whats going on here. Some kid who dresses like he was kicked out of a gay bar for looking "too gay" gets caught up with a hot rabbit eared "Vierra" and some sort of pirate guy and goes on a political adventure to take back the throne from some long haired dude so such and such ca...

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FF: Reinvented 0

 Square Enix has always aimed to reinvent the Final Fantasy series with every numbered entry.  Consequently, numbered Final Fantasy games usually offend long-time fans in some new and unforgivable way.  Final Fantasy XII took this tradition to the extreme. After a record five years in development and some production hiccups that would make Duke Nukem’s sunglasses explode, Square Enix finally delivered Final Fantasy XII in 2005.  For the first time ever the battle system was not turn-based, nor ...

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Final Fantasy 12 was extremely fun, and better than I had expecte 0

I was really skeptical towards Final Fantasy 12. The last main Final Fantasy I really loved was Final Fantasy 9. All the changes towards the seires really turned me off to Final Fantasy 12, but I wanted to find out what the hub-bub was about so I decided to break down and finally play it hands on. Despite the slow start, I was surprised how good it ended up being. What can be said about Final Fantasy 12 that hasn't already been said a 1,000 times already? Not much really. Either way, I did enjo...

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A game that honors the FF brand 0

Since the first Final Fantasy in the NES, I've been fan of the series. I have played every single console release (except FF:CC for the GC) and every game has been entirely great.When I heard about FF XII battle system, my first reaction was of fear... How could they've done that!!!!But really, it works great. I still love classic Japanese RPG style. I love to micro manage every battle, and every character; but the experience with the ADB is great. The Gambit System and the way you are more focu...

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Despite some flaws, Final Fantasy 12 is a great game. 0

Final Fantasy 12 is the latest console Final Fantasy game. And as the latest Final Fantasy (on a console), it tries to takes the series in a new direction. And for the most part this is a good thing, however, there are many flaws in the game that prevent it from becoming a great game. The story while great in parts is dull at other parts. The game’s combat system appears to be new, but really isn’t that different from what was there before.Final Fantasy 12 takes place in Ivalice the world from t...

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Progress in Ivalice 0

i've played through a ton of ff games, and even though ff12 totally revamps the ATB system into something totally different, i was instantly drawn into this game. the lack of random battles is so welcome and so well done, it makes battles quick, strategic, and enjoyable. i love the option to play with the new system in a semi-turn based way, which i did during most boss battles. the battle system was probably the most impressive point of progress in ff12, but not far behind it was the shift to a...

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Final Fantasy XII Review 0

In Square-Enix's most ambitious title of their ongoing franchise, Final Fantasy XII satisfies in more ways than one. It pushes the PlayStation2 to its absolute limit producing some of the prettiest graphics seen on the system, and on such a large scale, that it could only leave fans wanting more as the series graciously bows out of this generation. The game pursues a very much inspired story, which sold at face value, is simpler than it may seem. It involves a great group of characters all well-...

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A Final Fantasy that doesn't live up to the series' high pedigree 0

Final Fantasy 12, the game all us FF fans have been waiting for, is here at last.  With such a long wait, you’d figure the game would be an outstanding experience, and maybe even be the pinnacle of the series.  FF12 is a good RPG with high production values, but it falls short in some areas.  First, I’ll let you know what this game does well.  The graphics are amazing, especially for PS2.  The environments are enormous and inextricably detailed.  Early on in the game, it becomes clear why FFXII...

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A linear, middle of the road rpg 0

I always give credit to the Final Fantasy series for starting over. With the exception of VII and X and all their sequels, Square takes a monumental task of recreating a whole new world with new characters, all the while trying to make the game nostalgic for its many a loyal follower. In an industry so dominated by sequels, Square-Enix could easily have taken the characters of one of the more successful endeavors and drudged them through encore after encore (though many already accuse them of t...

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Square Enix didn't miss their shot... again 0

Final Fantasy XII is another chapter of the popular Japanese RPG game. From the beggining, it had the best visual design on the characters. This time it's back with an all new chapter, an all new story and a completely different battle system that makes it even more exciting. Final Fantasy XII is set within the land of Ivalice during an age of the magic and the magnificent airships. You start the game with a short segment that shows the unite of Princess Ashe of Dalmasca and Prince Rasler of N...

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