Army of One

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Ok. This move is badass. But why on earth does it do such little damage? I'm wondering if the move is based off of my magic or not because I'm only hitting for like 1500 each hit. It's really really weak and it doesn't really help the chain gauge much. Anyone have any real use for this?

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This is Lightning's move right? I don't know what it's based on. Well basically based of Lightning's stats both magic and strength should be around the same. 

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This and Last Resort are best used after they're already staggered. What it does is less about damage and more about maxing out the gauge.
If you're looking for pure damage, look at Sovereign Fist or Highwind.

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@CrazySunshine: Yeah, I have used Highwind before and it's awesome. Haven't used Sovereign Fist though.
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All the Limit Break-esque moves are meant to be used while the enemy is staggered.  Lightning's Army of One and Sazh's Cold Blooded will increase the chain gauge rapidly.  Fang's High Wind and Snow's Sovereign Fist will deal a massive amount of damage (High Wind will do 200k on most enemies provided you don't have a genji glove).  However, their usage also ends the stagger.  I'm not too sure about Hope and Vanille though.

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use it when an enemy is staggered, that's the only time it is ever really useful.  it raises the chain gauge ridiculously high and allows for much more damage subsequently.

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