Dear Microsoft marketplace video people:

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While I am thankful for the recent Marketplace videos from E3, one game in particular, one that many people seem to have felt sent shock waves through the industry has not appeared anywhere on your Marketplace... Let me put it frank: Where the hell is my HD Final Fantasy XIII trailer?  A gameplay trailer for Kung-Fu-Panda? Where the hell is this thing? Why wasn't this posted online day one?

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whats the point down loading trailers when you can veiw them on the internet with out anoying downloads

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toast_burner said:
"whats the point down loading trailers when you can veiw them on the internet with out anoying downloads"
Agreed, It takes longer on your xbox and there are ways to get video from your computer onto your computer monitor.
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Every FFXIII is the same year after year with a few seconds of extra footage sprinkled here and there. It would be cool if they put the whole conference up for DL on XBL like Sony did on PSN.

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Lol the topic title was mediocer.

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True. True. But except from the cam trailer from Gametrailers there isn't any direct feed 720p video of the newest trailer. For those of us who own HDTV's, the direct feed that's out on the internet isn't exactly stellar. Does anyone else find it weird that just about every major game from E3 has some form of presence on the Xbox live video marketplace, except, Final Fantasy XIII? I would simply think that the magnitude of it's announcement  would immediately have presence somewhere on marketplace.

Lol the topic title was mediocer.

"Mediocre" is spelled with the "R" in front of the "E". The standard definition is: 1.of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate.
I apologize for the...uhm... barely adequate quality of my topic title. Next time my topic title will be ridding a jet ski.... On flames...

Mediocre? Simple question about HD video availability and why a certain very important video hasn't been updated yet. Sorry for the simplicity of my questioning?

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Square Enix never felt inclined to put FFXIII trailers up on PSN afaik, doubt that would change for XBL?

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