Do characters auto use their final abillities?

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I'm just getting into chapter 12 and I unlocked all of the character's final abilities.
Just wondering if anyone knows about the use of them. Will they get used automatically, or do you have to manually use them. Manual would be kind of dumb since you could only ever use your party leader's ability.
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Unfortunately, I've never seen them use their final abilities automatically.  Probably has to do with how situational their usefulness is, it'd be pretty hard to get them to reliably use those.

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I dunno, there are enough times that Vanille is out of other debuffs to cast, that it would just make sense for her to cast Death on her own rather than stand around waiting for her old debuffs to wear off.  But on the other hand, I don't think I'd like the computer automatically using abilities that reset the chain gauge.

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They don't use their final moves because it would make the game too easy. Could you imagine if you had Fang, Snow and Lightning using Highwind, Sovereign Fist and Army of One all one after another? It sounds cool, but it would totally make for easy fights if you set up the right ones. Actually, now that I think about it, that makes no sense and it wouldn't make the fights easy, just frustrating.
Also, some of these moves actually diminsh the chain guage completely so they would end up working against each other. For instance, If Fang was able to use Highwind as a party member and you as Lightning used Army of One, the CPU would use Highwind and get rid of the chain you're trying to build with Army of One. 

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