Magic resist % not adding up?

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#1 Posted by froggusltd (9 posts) -

Ok i'm doing mission 62 which you need magic resist and i have 3 Witch's Bracelets on at star for 25% each so that SHOULD be 75% resist yet it only adds to 58%, is this meant to happen or what?

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#2 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

it's not a compound system. you get dimishing returns on percentage gear.

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#3 Posted by ricetopher (1077 posts) -

I imagine its a balance thing, otherwise you could throw on 4 of those and have 100% magic resistence

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#4 Posted by Viney212 (106 posts) -

And use maxed out rings that give you wind resistance.  I found that those helped me more than the Witch's Bracelets, and were cheaper to max upgrade.  Their Wind attacks are what you've gotta watch out for.  The rest isn't hard to fight through.

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