Sazh: Denub Duelers or Pyrocons???

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Hi everyone, 
  What weapon does everyone prefer for Sazh: The Denub Duelers or the Pyrocons?  I am still a relative noob to ff13, I am only on chapter 6, and I am not sure which weapons to level up.  Here is some info that should help: 
  Sazh is geared towards high magic/ low str 
  with the Duelers I give him a power wristband AND a magical accessory (I forget the name; it is the lowest tier +str accesory) 
  with the Duelers I give him a magical accesory and a tungston armband 
So what weapon do YOU like and how do you have Sazh specced?  I am open to suggestions about accesories and anything else related.  ALSO i would love to hear how everyone speced their other chars and what weapons they perfer to use?  Because everyone says that the Belladonna wand is the best for Vanille, but I originally disregarded it because it's magic is so much lower than the Pearlwing rod.  So, again, I would love to hear input on the Sazh issue and any other char/weapon related topics anyone wants to talk about.  Thanks for everyones time! :) 

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