The Final Fantasy XIII "WWJD" Challenge

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Everyone who knows Final Fantasy XIII knows that anyone who has played any part of the game (say that 5x fast) has been separated into one of a few different categories: The ones who were strongly disappointed, the ones who don't care but think it needs a lot of improvement, and the ones who like it because it's "Final Fantasy" (you can see where I reside). But anyone with any level on intelligence can agree this is NOT a perfect game, nor is it worthy of some of the best games out there. So I want to hear it from you guys.

What would you change?
What would you improve?
What do you think should be done to make XIII-2 better?
So here's my challenge: In a comment below, respond with an answer to at least one of those questions. You can respond with an answer to all 3, but only one answer per question. Do NOT respond with an answer someone else already used. If you agree or disagree with someone else's point, say so. But you must answer at least one question on your own.
When I believe there's been enough responses, I will tally up everything. Every proposed improvement will be listed. Next to it, I will write a number, positive (+) or negative (-). This will show the total majority of whether or not others agree.
All in all, have fun, and voice your opinion!
I would change the linearity of the first ten chapters of the game. Until reaching the lowerworld, players were given a narrow line to run through. It gives a new meaning to "plotline" (har-har).
I would improve the leveling system. The crystarium was similar to the sphere grid system of FFX (which I had liked). But like the game, it was extremely linear, and required more grinding than a perfect-balance cheat in a Tony Hawk game to reach any significance.
To make Final Fantasy XIII-2 better, I think it should be more involved. Keep it exciting from beginning to end. No one will have to deal with the "but the last fifteen hours of the game are awesome" excuse in an 80-hour game.

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