To those who finished the game...

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#1 Posted by btman (1114 posts) -

How many hours did you have once you finished the game?  I wanna get an average for the ending of the game... i'm only 17 hours in

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#2 Edited by SeaSquared (21 posts) -

im sitting at like 25 hours and only at chapter 10. I have heard that its about a 50 hour game with the sidequests in chapter 11

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#3 Posted by Azteris (827 posts) -

If I recall correctly, I was somewhere near 40 when I finished the game. I did a few sidequests, but for the most part just played through the game.

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#4 Posted by btman (1114 posts) -

sidequests start in chapter 11?

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#5 Posted by SeaSquared (21 posts) -

thats just what I've heard.  
I'm not there yet. 

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#6 Posted by Azteris (827 posts) -
@btman said:
" sidequests start in chapter 11? "
Yes. Chapter 11 marks your arrival in Gran Pulse, which is where the Cieth' Stones are (sidequests). Most of them are just you hunting down a specific monster, though.
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#7 Posted by JCrothers--defunct (51 posts) -

i am at 77 hours right now, and have just got my first trapezohedron catalyst and created my first ultimate weapons. 
I finished the game at about 60 hours. 

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#8 Posted by Burns098356GX (1368 posts) -

I finished the game in almost exactly 50 hours. I didnt do any side missions, I spent maybe like 1 hour grinding in Teijins Tower.

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#9 Edited by luce (4056 posts) -

55 and did some of the side missions. Still got alot more of those to go

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#10 Posted by Lawrens (678 posts) -

54hrs and I did 20 hunts.

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#11 Posted by ProlificShadow (412 posts) -

I did about 29 sidequests and finished the game with around 55 hours.

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#12 Posted by spazmaster666 (2114 posts) -

I finished the game at around 61 hours and got my S-rank. If you're not going for completing all 64 missions or collecting all the weapons and accessories you could probably finish in under 50 hours.

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#13 Posted by mwng (1041 posts) -

Finished in 40 hours, I think I was a little under leveled for the end though. I'm 60 hours in now rounding up all the side missions.

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#14 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

I finished in about 78 hours, currently I'm at 86.

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#15 Posted by xerxes8933a (226 posts) -

Finished in 60 hours, now to do the missions above 30 and to farm.  On a side note those 60 hours were spent listening to Bombcast at all times but cutscenes.  You might think 50 hours of Jeff, Ryan, Brad and Vinny talking in 2 weeks is a bit much.  It's not.

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#16 Posted by Cornman89 (1600 posts) -

About 36 hours. Didn't do any mob hunts or whatever, though.

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#17 Posted by makari (660 posts) -

About 50 hours or so to finish it, with all the lower level monster hunts done. Might be skewed a bit since I left the game running on the menu quite a bit.

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#18 Posted by Vorbis (2762 posts) -

55hours, currently at 70 and just got my first ultimate weapon, feels good breaking 1,000,000 damage finally.

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#19 Posted by Lilja (132 posts) -

42 hours to finish it. Did some side quest too, not that many tho.

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#20 Posted by Periscope (51 posts) -

I clocked about 48 hours, but I had to do some grinding to beat the boss for chapter 11 and I did very few side quests.

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#21 Posted by ZenaxPure (2584 posts) -

Figure I may as well post my time. Had no home work last night so I finally found time to play it and win, final time was roughly 33 hours. Only did a handful of optional missions, otherwise I was going through the story.

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